Volvo S60 Engine Flies Out Of The Car In Massive Crash

A massive accident occurred early Friday morning in St Petersburg, Russia, where the driver of an older model Volvo S60 got in the way of a speeding Audi SUV.

According to the description, everyone involved in the crash was taken to the hospital, including a man hit by the Audi after the initial crash (he was just waiting at a bus stop) and a girl waiting for the light to turn green.

The girl was actually hit by the engine of the S60, which flew out of the engine compartment of the Volvo upon impact. Yes, really. You’ll understand how that’s possible as soon as you see the sheer force with which the Audi hit.

We wish we knew more about the crash, such as the state of both drivers and any eventual passengers. We genuinely haven’t seen many collisions in traffic that were more violent than this one and we can’t even be certain that the driver of the Audi was 100% faultless here, since he was definitely speeding, which may or may not have been because he was trying to run a yellow light.

If you look close at the final few seconds of the clip, you’ll see that as soon as the crash occurs, the traffic on that particular side of the road comes to a halt before the crosswalk, suggesting a red light.

All in all, yet another harsh reminder that serious accidents can take place even in slow city traffic. All it takes is somebody running a red or a yellow, or someone else assuming it’s safe to turn one way or another, which is ultimately what led to that Volvo’s destruction.

Note: Some might find the following footage disturbing


  • lapirk

    Moron looked like he was going for a guiness record. Hope the victims are ok

  • Eunos

    Such a stupid crossroad!

  • R1S0

    speeding like that through a busy crossroad…. brainless.

  • Dennis James

    You either signal a crossroad properly, or not at all. The stoplights at this crossroad create a false sense of security, while in fact it remains very dangerous.

  • Silimarina

    Ok it was the fault of the Volvo driver, but why would you go that fast in such a busy intersection?

    • PeterBelles

      It wasn’t his fault, he probably didn’t see the guy coming 90 mph before it was too late.

      • Jay

        true but that fault is shared 50 50, they both didn’t see each other until it was too late. the other driver was still traveling too fast.

        • R1S0

          this is 100 percent on audi driver due to the abnormal speeding…

          • Jay

            Incorrect. The Audi had the right of way. Even though they were traveling too fast the volvo should not have taken if their view was not clear. They did not have the left turning light or anything and view was severely obscured. They took off fast thinkin they could beat whatever was coming but they did not know how fast they were going. If the Audi had run the red light then the circumstances would be different. How ever their light was green and was not expected a car to pop out and cut them off to make a left turn.

          • D3X

            Arguable. Depends on how fast the Audi is going, which looks like way beyond the speed limit of this road intersection. Making a left always has a certain amount of risk, especially with low visibility blocked by opposing traffic on the other side (doing the same thing) and weather conditions. Road is wet, so braking distance is also increased.

            This is why speed limits are incurred, to avoid situations such as these where drivers need to make left turns, and allows for reaction time to decelerate or accelerate to avoid mistakes. With that speed, there’s really no room for error. Speed kills, slow down!

            EDIT: Some very smart russian comments in the video were able to calculate the approx speed this Audi was going based on the video (assuming the playback is real-time) / calculated approximate speed: 140km/h or 87mph. Volvo driver can’t possibly react that fast to realize and correct the mistake, turning into it’s path was already too late.

          • ThinkBehindTheWheel!

            I know that the Audi had the right way, but he/she was speeding and Volvo’s driver couldn’t see the aproaching car. I’m from Poland and in my country in such situations there is definitely fault of speeding car. Many drivers here love speedeng and everybody knows how police “judge” it in case of accident. I think in Russia (wild wild east) is similar. So theoretically it was the Volvo driver’s fault, but in reality it was not.

            btw PhoneTechJay – do you have driving licence? I don’t think so. nor imagination. cheers

          • Jay

            Professional Driver, I’m behind the wheel for over 11 hours a day, … How do I not have imagination? lol you’re a funny character.. cheers. As I said in another reply the speeder could have been going the speed limit and still hit the other car because of the way they just popped out.. Do you not do what your user name is?

    • smartacus

      that’s how i saw it.
      the Volvo jumped out like a rabbit on a racetrack thinking he can beat the typical brainless AUDI driver.

  • PeterBelles

    The engine of Volvos are designed to go under the car in a frontal accident. The motor mounts are made to Shear off.
    That’s why Volvo engine mounts need replacement more than other cars.

    • Benjamin B.

      most modern cars have copied this from Volvo…

    • Many vehicles hit this hard will lose their engines. Some, more horrifically than others.

  • Oooohh!

    Driver with Dash cam in video and I said “ooooh!” at the same time..! (except mine was without the Russian accent! 🙂

    Well, a Volvo is one the safest cars to have a crash in; though probably better they didn’t. I did not see the engine fly out.

  • Tumbi Mtika
  • diego

    The classic russian Audi SUV driver

  • Skip

    All that build up and you can’t see the engine doing anything. Lame. Almost looks faked.

  • poor Volvo driver and fucking idiot!

  • D3X
    • D3X

      2 pedestrians were struck by this collision, a woman by the engine from the S60, a man from the Audi after losing control into the pedestrian sidewalk.

      The Audi driver and both pedestrians are hospitalized, no word of what happened to the Volvo driver.

      A formal investigation is being conducted of this accident.

  • harry crowde

    Lived in russia for 3 years. This is very much what driving in Russia is like, people don’t care they do what they want. They drive and live like animals.

    • Ellz

      This is becoming the norm in Los Angeles as well…. Lived here my entire live thus far.

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