These Are CR’s 10 Most Reliable New Cars Of 2016

Despite a car purchase generally being viewed as a long-term investment, not all vehicles can stick with you in a dependable manner.

With that in mind, Consumer Reports have gone and collected data on over half a million vehicles in order to put together a list of the 10 most reliable cars sold today.

The following list is presented in rank order, with the Toyota Prius being the most reliable, a sort of best of the best, so to speak. Also, some of these models will be presented with an asterisk (*), which means that any and all ratings concerning them are based only on one year’s worth of reliability data.

Without further ado, here are the 10 cars you should look to buy if reliability is your number one concern:

Toyota Prius*

The new Prius represents a big improvement over the previous generation model. It’s longer, lower, wider and more agile going round corners. It’s also more economical (by about 8 mpg), has way more infotainment features and can still be driven solely on electric power, up to 25 mph (40 km/h). It’s no wonder the Prius remains such a popular car with buyers looking for more eco-friendly solutions.

Lexus CT 200h

The CT 200h can actually be considered a more premium alternative to the Prius. Its cabin is more refined, the materials are better and the handling feels responsive and secure. However, from a practicality standpoint, you’re still better off going with the Prius if you’re in need of extra cargo capacity and rear leg room…at a lower price.

Infiniti Q70*

During CR’s tests, the 330 HP Infiniti Q70 sedan proved quite quick, returning about 21 mpg overall. However, both V8 as well as V6 hybrid versions are available and if you don’t mind trailing the Germans in terms of cabin quietness, you’ll end up with a very reliable family saloon in the Q70.

Audi Q3

As a direct rival to the BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz GLA, the Audi Q3 has apparently managed to win the reliability battle, at least according to Consumer Reports. They found it to be a quiet SUV with a comfortable ride and responsive handling – and while the cabin can seem a bit simplistic, it still offers a sense of quality expected and demanded from a premium brand such as Audi.

Lexus GX

As one of the few remaining old-school SUVs that use a body-on-frame design, the Lexus GX 460 boasts a highly capable off-road temperament as well as a high tow rating. It’s not the most agile SUV in its segment, yet CR found it “ultimately secure” in the way it goes around corners. They also found the ride to be comfortable and the cabin plush and well-finished.

Lexus GS

The GS relies on a balanced combination of ride, handling, quietness and roominess to stand out compared to its German rivals. While it may not be as advanced as them in terms of on-board tech or engine range, the Lexus certainly makes up ground by being such a reliable mid-size premium saloon. CR’s also found its cabin to be nicely furnished, with interior space on par with its direct rivals.

Mercedes-Benz GLC*

It was obvious that the GLC was going to get an asterisk, since it hasn’t even been on the market for that long. Yet, owners are apparently finding it to be very reliable which is a good sign going forward. According to CR, the GLC is quiet, refined, spacious, safe and comfortable. It’s everything a Mercedes-badged premium compact SUV should be in 2016, which means it’ll put up a great fight against the likes of Audi’s all-new Q5 and BMW’s next-generation X3.

Chevrolet Cruze*

The redesigned 2016 Cruze has quite a few big car qualities, such as a comfortable ride and a quiet interior. It’s also economical, has solid connectivity features and has a surprising amount of rear seat space. The fact that it scored so well for Chevrolet in this reliability survey is a big win, especially for a budget-oriented compact car.

Audi Q7*

The Q7 can be considered a bit of a surprise, especially since large, premium SUVs haven’t always been as reliable as “less complicated” ones. Still, it’s one of the most modern, efficient and luxurious models in its class and if its owners are going to be satisfied with its reliability moving forward, it will undoubtedly represent a big win for Audi.

Toyota 4Runner

While the truck-based 4Runner falls short of most modern SUVs, it still comes with a powerful and “reasonably fuel-efficient” 4.0-liter V6 power unit. However, CR found its ride to be unsettled and its handling clumsy. They were also unimpressed by the way it corners as well as by its driving position. However, some buyers might be willing to ignore such things if what they’re getting in return is one of the most reliable SUVs in its segment.

Now that we’ve gone through CR’s list 10 most reliable cars of the year, it’s time for you to let us know which of these models you’d be inclined to buy simply because of its reliability, and which of them you’d pass up either way.

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