Woman Claims Cop Wrongfully Arrested & Groped Her After Accident

Amanda Houghton of Layton City, Utah, called 911 after she was rear-ended at a stoplight, but instead of receiving help, she was arrested for DUI and subjected to a body search that she didn’t consent to.

While the cops did have a reason to suspect she was under the influence of either alcohol or narcotics (she failed the field sobriety test), it turns out she was just in shock after being hit at about 30 mph (48 km/h).

“I was shocked. Who arrests a sober person for DUI?” she said, while her lawyer added that “I don’t believe they should have administered the field sobriety tests at all in this case. I think this amounted to an unconstitutional search of a woman without a necessity to do so.”

Safe to say, Amanda is now pursuing legal action against the city of Layton, as reported by KUTV, though surprisingly DUI and resisting arrest charges have yet to be dropped despite blood tests proving she wasn’t under the influence of any substance.

The police report stated that she exhibited odd behavior and gave “short quick answers to questions and she was speaking rapidly. Amanda was unable to stand still and seemed to be making jerky movements.”

“That’s standard practice. Anytime someone gets arrested they are going to be searched,” explained Lt Travis Lyman while standing up for his officers.

Do you think the police had grounds for an arrest or was this another abusive case that also included an unconstitutional search?

  • Andrewthecarguy

    Interesting. If it was a black dude he would have been shot. If it was a black woman or white male it would not have made the news. Police officer should have called for a female to do the search if he thought it was necessary.
    Highlights the fact that police in some US states need re-training.

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      “Police officer should have called for a female to do the search if he thought it was necessary.”


      • jh

        officer should have used his brain and maybe call an emergency if she has bruises all over… dude, if you want to help people and keep them save, you need something between your ears and need to use it, every now and then. wtf? you can’t just act like a robot, do your tricks and get a bone(r) afterwards.
        people really wonder, why such insecure and moronic officers shot down or harrass people all the time?

        • Jordan de Leon

          she did not have bruises at the time of the arrest, and she refused medical assistance.

      • Six_Tymes

        good point

      • europeon

        Nah, it’s fine. She’s not even that good looking.

        • Big Black Duck

          but she’s blonde…so we must all be flabbergasted…

      • Big Black Duck

        so would the reverse be true as well?…a female office should not arrest a male??

        • no but in this case, he’s touching didn’t look like a search, plus, why touch twice her breast?

          • Jordan de Leon

            checking for blades in the edge of a bra, last i checked, bras didn’t only have an edge in one spot.

      • Jordan de Leon

        that is nowhere in the laws. the laws are kept genderless

    • BqWsRe

      If it was a black dude, the cop would have been shot. Oh, wait, it would only happen if it was black-on-black.

      The fact that 90% of all blacks murdered is done by other blacks needs addressing. No more excuses and desperate rationalization.

      • Mafio

        You upped your own comment. lol

      • Jay


        Where are your car facts? the Media puts black crime in the news more thus giving you the illusion for you to believe and up vote your own comment.

      • jh

        uh… let me start about ‘americans’ murdering all over the planet for decades… THAT needs addressing, my friend!

    • Relative Paucity

      Not all departments have the resources to keep a squad car with two officers waiting while a female officer who may be engaged on another call is pulled away from what she would be doing to go do a single search of a single female suspect. Likewise, any unit with two female officers would spend the majority of its time waiting for male officers to come do searches for them, since most suspects are male. Our prurience is a luxury that we really can’t afford: people have to be searched by persons of another gender sometimes.

      • BGM

        Non sense. The *suspect* is handcuffed and under control. What exactly was this Judge Dredd looking for when he touched the underside of her (rather small) boobs? A Glock 17? A Rambo knife? Anything small enough to be hidden in that small area can also be hidden inside her vagina. Was he going to search there next? Let the citizenry send a message that *for my safety* is not a valid reason for the police to violate our rights.

        • Jordan de Leon

          no rights were broken, name any that you think were. and razor blades have been hidden in bra’s before, and officers have died because of it.

      • Ellz

        Well then you wait… and wait…. and continue to wait. It’s all a part of the process.

      • The R&R

        Are you blind or did you see what this Neanderthal did in the video?

        • Jordan de Leon

          are you stupid, or do you just hate cops?

    • The R&R

      I’m so sick of bullies like him hiding behind “standard procedure.”

      • Jordan de Leon

        look up the stop and frisk laws. tell me where it mentions gender.

  • Erzhik

    1. Should have called a female officer to search her. At least that is what they do in Boston.

    2. Don’t they put their gloves on before searching?

    3. He was supposed to announce to her that she will be searched.

    4. He groped her in the chest without even looking at her (not the same as searching).

    • jh

      dude, he just wanted to touch her boobs. screw all that nonsense about what he was suppossed to do – you all act like everyone who gets stopped by the cops is dangerous or a criminal… it is the other way around (most of the time).

      oh yeah, point 4.: he always pulled her back hard after she tried to avoid getting touched, showing her whos the boss – you could see the pickle being tickled….

      first of all he should have asked if she is alright and get her checked out by an ambulance if she was involved in an accident and couldn’t think straight. how could your first though even be that she is on some narcotic. SHE WAS IN AN ACCIDENT, YOU RETARD (talking about the cop here)!!!

  • Althea Later

    Some people can act a little drunk… naturally. And I’m not trying to be funny. Could also be a blood sugar problem.
    I have a friend who was born with balance and speech problems and I always worry if she were to get pulled over by an insensitive, ignorant officer.

  • BqWsRe

    Is his name Bill Clinton?

    More political propaganda from this site. We already get enough bias in the media from the likes of The New York Times, CNN, and Washington Post. We don’t need more idiots to tear apart the country any further.

    • KenjiK

      Stop upping your own comments.

      • Stephen Baxter


    • Search Trump Style

      Actually, it’s likely a Trump relative.

  • KidRed

    After near accidents, my knees get weak and shaky and I can’t think straight. She sounds like she was still in a traumatic state following the accident.

    • badcyclist

      You sound like a rolling accident just waiting to happen. 🙂

    • jh

      jup, and beavis and butthead try to do her…

  • kachuks

    He should have been a lot more professional about it. Just because he thought she was DUI doesn’t mean he can just pat down away like her consent or knowledge of doesn’t matter.

  • Pogba

    I think Police officers themselves need to be reminded more often, that they are being recorded.

    • jh

      they need to understand that they are no better or sit any higher than any other human being (or even species). and therefore they should have less power given to them. power always corupts!
      you shouldn’t even need to think about being recorded, but act properly and with respect towards others.

    • BGM

      Let’s just be thankful that the recording wasn’t sent down the memory hole by the cops. Many times cameras *malfunction* or *we can’t find the video* or *that’s private property*. Now the taxpayers are going to have to foot the bill for the trial, the settlement and this douchebag will be back on the street harassing motorists in no time.

  • ediotsavant

    That touch was inappropriate.

  • Nathan Daniel Stroud

    I don’t think this cop had probable cause to search her person, but I am wary of lawyers who make gendered distinctions in their approach to cases.

    • The R&R

      Who cares about that, like that’s the point? This pervert not only didn’t have probable cause, he then gropes her chest under the guise of a search and doesn’t even warn her, while she’s cuffed!! This guy should undergo a psychological.

  • jh

    it’s standard practise to touch her boobs. “i can touch you and that’s what i am doing” says it all, doesn’t it?!

    maybe you snug a finger up her pooch, just to make sure and you know, just because i can, since you are under arrest, you are my doll.

    it was absolutly motherf**king clear that she wasn’t hiding anything between her breasts. maybe they had a bet going on if she wore a bra or not.

  • Werner J Groenewald

    The bitch wants money!
    That cop can search me anytime…

  • europeon

    Why is this on a car site?

  • Ellz

    If the lieutenant thinks everything was done “BY THE BOOK,” he needs to be fired as well.

  • Abdul Majeed

    ..the US has some of the most abusive, dumb, contentious tugs for police officers of any other countries in the world …and I have traveled to many countries. There is a perception that some of these guys are caught up in an imaginary world of Call of Duty with a deep influence of GTA when encountering the public.

  • smartacus

    The most correct outcome would be for the cop to go to jail.
    But instead will go completely unpunished.
    Police are not held to a higher standard or even to an equal standard.

    In the video; i heard the magic words “everything was done by the book”
    GOTCHA, no it wasn’t.
    The touching around the chest area in this case was illegal, knowingly illegal, and performed very improperly,
    and NOT BY THE BOOK.

    They know they are about to lose and that’s why they refuse to drop the DUI charge.

    The officer thought he can get away with whatever he wants because the victim is not of any protected class.

  • thunder bolt

    If she was to hide any drug, it ain’t gonna be in the middle of the bra. The horny police was just taking advantage of the situation. start with the middle, if no rejection, move the hand to both side. classic move I pulled on all of my ex-girlfriends.

  • gary4205

    Cops have no idea if she’s drunk or “in shock”. Their JOB is to do exactly what they did.

    As for the search, left wingers are OK with grown men using little girl’s bathrooms so why is this a problem?

    Pay the fine lady and move on!

    • KenjiK

      You can’t be serious, are you?
      So a cop’s job is to grope any woman he thinks MIGHT be under influence?

      “Pay the fine lady and move on!”

      –> “…blood tests proving she wasn’t under the influence of any substance.”

  • Police Scoops

    Another rubbish article from Carscoops!

    • The R&R

      Another corrupt police apologist.

  • nauticalone

    Another uneducated bully American cop.

  • Blonde, Black, White, Male or female… If you call 911 after an accident for help… Police or not, aren’t they supposed to send an emergency unit? A policer officer dosen’t know that people can’t act scared, angry, lost… a lot of things after an accident? And please stop those stupid test. Use alcohol test machines like every other country, it works. Once a Policer officer asked me the alphabet in reverse, the fact that I’m french didn’t bothered him”. Where is John McClane when you need him? Yipikai mother F…

  • surfshop

    Whats wrong with american cops…They are so freaking paranoid

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