$90,000 FireBall Camaro With 990HP Ready To Challenge Hellcats

The maker of the FireBall Camaro almost describes this build as the ultimate Hellcat and Roush ‘Stang hunter. We think it has something to do with the car’s 990 hp power figure.

From the outside, it looks like your regular old SS, but it bears supercar-worthy performance figures. Needless to say, there isn’t anything like it, as in its quest to create the fastest Camaro for the track, and for the streets, Fireball came up with the ultimate muscle car.

Fireball usually builds 9-second drag cars, but this time they used all their expertise to offer a road-legal variant of their racers. Unveiled at the SEMA show, a few days ago, the 6th gen Camaro features a plethora of high-performance components, including a Fireball supercharger, ported heads, high-performance lifters, Chromoly pushrods, and the list goes on and on.

Let’s just say it has enough modifications to develop 990 hp at the flywheel (827 whp), and 677.34 lb-ft (918 Nm) of torque. That’s 340 hp more than a ZL1, albeit Fireball doesn’t specify what engine does the vehicle use.

And here’s the interesting part; the vehicle will be available at select dealers with an MSRP of less than $90,000. Or less than a $100 per horsepower, as Fireball wants to put it.

So, if you own a Challenger or Charger Hellcat, well, run!



  • Andrewthecarguy

    Means nothing until we see it in action against the Ford and Dodge counterparts.

    • Tony

      if were being honest, it means nothing because all of these pigs do nothing good besides drive in a straight line. Spend that money on a car that takes things like turning and stopping into consideration. 900hp sled with little stock brakes seems silly.

      • arkythehun

        The Roush RS3 Mustang has 540lb torque and enough suspension upgrades to handle the corners.

      • Fleetwood

        To be fair, these are all muscle cars. Can’t speak for others, but the brakes GM places inside these high performance cars aren’t nothing to laugh about.

        • Tony

          are nothing to laugh about, or aren’t nothing? and even then, which are you trying to imply, that they are good enough? not sure i understand the direction you are going in here.

        • CeJay Mammen

          Dodge is the same, Brembo’s are no joke

      • AlphalphaMale

        The 2017 ZL1 Camaro pulls well over 1g on the skidpad and just ran a 7:29.60 at the Nurburging, embarrassing many supercars. This is not your Dad’s Camaro.

        • Tony

          totally agree, the ZL1.. however this is not a ZL1. Thats a different beast that i would love to own

  • Auf Wiedersehen


    • Tin Man

      Yeah GM cars have crappy interiors but their performance and reliability at even double the price can not be matched by anyone world wide. That’s why the Germans hate them so much!

      • Auf Wiedersehen

        Yep they are as long as you don’t start them or drive them or “rely” on the ignition switch to NOT kill you.

        And they made this illustrious list, 3 times…


        Germans hate them cause, no one likes a wannabe.

        • Tin Man

          Truly you never owned a newer European car. if you did you either traded it in with under 30K on the clock or are lying. Any $100,000 eurotrash automobile looses 75% of its value in the first 3 years. Ever notice that? There is a reason for that. FYI the ignition switches had a week detent that would allow the weight of all the teenage junk on the key ring pull the switch to the off position.

    • J Young

      Interiors are a lot better nowadays, for the most part

    • AlphalphaMale

      This custom job isn’t needed; a 62K 2017 ZL1 Camaro off the showroom floor will run circles around any Hellcat on a racetrack and will equal or beat it on the drag strip too.

  • Benjamin B.

    $90,000. For a Camaro. There are a lot of cars you can buy with $90k.

    • Dennis James

      You can’t even buy a certain Nissan…

    • Tin Man

      Yes but you cant buy anything that will outrun it or out last it for that price PLUS 50%

  • Six_Tymes


  • S3XY

    90k for a Camaro…. No bueno.

    • Dennis James

      Well, you can add 10k and get a Nissan.

  • Vassilis

    Impressive power but please upgrade the stock brakes.

    • Tin Man

      It already has carbon fiber Corvette brakes.

      • Vassilis

        No it doesn’t mate. Those are steel brakes and they’re the stock Camaro ones.

  • AlphalphaMale

    ROFL – there’s no need for this type of HP for a Camaro to beat Hellcats. The 2017 ZL1 with 650HP/tq will likely already do that.

  • Blade t

    Just save 20k and buy a hellcat

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