Ford Unhappy With Mustang GTT Creators, Considers Legal Action

The Californian fabricators from ‘Zero to 60 Design’ have made no secret of the fact that their Mustang-based GTT on display at SEMA has taken design inspiration from the GT supercar. Well, as it turns out, Ford itself isn’t too happy with the car and is considering legal action against the tuner.

“We’re aware of the Zero to 60 Designs Mustang “GTT”,” a Ford spokesman told Carscoops. “Mustang and GT feature important design elements that uniquely and individually identify both as Ford Performance vehicles. Ford’s legal counsel is investigating how best to address the matter.”

Asked to clarify whether any actions have already been taken against the Californian tuner, the spokesperson said, “All I know is that Ford’s legal team are aware and investigating”.

Apparently, the Blue Oval did not appreciate the fact that, from a number of angles, the  GTT’s customized exterior mimics the GT remarkably well. Perhaps the most convincing area on the car are the sides, where the skirts and the air intakes in front of the rear wheels clearly resemble those of the GT. Other GT-inspired components include the round taillights (although there are four rather than two), rear spoiler and huge front grille and silver lip.

Alongside the model’s questionable design, it benefits from a supercharger, lifting power from the 5.0-liter V8 to a massive 800 hp. Although Zero to 60 Design says it has received interest in the bodykit, there’s a chance Ford could force the project to be scrapped.

*Correction: Zero to 60 Design’s car is called the GTT and not Mustang GTT


  • Six_Tymes

    on one hand I feel like calling ford cry babies. on the other, i see their point.

    • T_Cake

      I’m leaning toward crybabies. They’re an aftermarket tuner using one of Ford’s vehicles to produce an homage to another. Even if it were produced, it doesn’t threaten either of Ford’s originals.

      • Andrewthecarguy

        Precisely. And if anything it boosts the desirability image of Ford. I can see someone buying a Mustang for the sole purpose of making it look like this. So in the end Ford is the one that gains.
        So crybabies it is.

        • jh

          remember the headline that manufacturers want to secure their products in a way that no aftermarket-treatment is allowed at all?! because of their intellectual property – they want to kill of any competition.

    • Richard

      Here is the win-win. Agree to sell the body kit through Ford Performance. Ford protects its copyright and trademark rights, the tuner gets a wider forum to sell from and the brand is enhanced. I can’t remember seeing any body kit I really cared for, except this one. Nice work.

  • Tinky-Winky

    Free publicity for the tuner.

    • Andrewthecarguy


  • Blade t

    It’s not like they would actually sell that many kits anyway ,ford should just relax

  • eb110americana

    It seems pretty arbitrary to single out one aftermarket tuner in *literally*, the largest car show in the world, where every single vehicle and product is some kind of alteration to an existing vehicle. And this one isn’t even a clone/knock-off of any one vehicle.

  • kachuks

    Ford just became officially uncool. Time to buy a Camaro or Challenger.

  • Jerry Hightower

    Maybe Ford needs to up their design game.

  • felix

    Unless ford had plans to offer a similar version of the mustang themselves !

    • jh

      true dat! but that would be just as cheap as the gtt

  • sword

    Jeep Wrangler owners are constantly modifying the look of their vehicles. Fiat is proud that their car owners are so in love with the off-roader that they spend thousands of dollars modifying them beyond just the engines. Ford should be so lucky.

  • Rich Money

    Weak. Ford is just embarrassed someone else beat them to the (conceptually awesome) punch, and did a stellar job, no less.

    • Mike S


    • Lee

      Exactly right and if Ford takes any one of these cues, then 0 to 60 could easily sue Ford!

    • PeterMcPumpkinPhD (Harvard)


  • Holmer_k

    Ford should just buy the design and start making all Mustangs look like this. It’s not perfect but it’s an improvement.

    • D3X

      Exactly, I think this kit looks good. By the dimensions of the vehicle, the Mustang GTT only looks related and obviously inspired by the GT. It doesn’t look identical, much like an S5 to an R8. There’s no way you can confuse the two.

    • Bob Smith

      Ford doesn’t “buy” designs. They will attempt to put them out of business. Only CHUMPS deal with Ford.

  • Mike S

    Ford are just in a snit because they didn’t think of this rather handsome design themselves. J Mays? Who’s he?

    • Bob Smith

      J mays was and is a one trick pony hack.

  • salamOOn

    i would be pissed off too if you would turn my car into this mess… but legal action?

  • Nicolas Morris

    It’s lies people, rumors, bull crap! This company has the right to make whatever body kit they please and Ford knows that, they aren’t even considering lawsuits

  • Dennis James

    Other than the name and color scheme (I suppose the color scheme cannot be patented but who knows), I can’t see a lot resemblance with between this and the Ford GT. It’s stupid for Ford to act like this against a tuner who uses its cars as a base. If you are a big company you shouldn’t pay attention on matters like this to garage-sized companies.

  • jh

    really? ford is concerned about that fugly pos??? yeah, totally looks like a gt to me…………
    if i would be ferrari i would sue them over copying or remasking the ‘fxx’ monicer and color sheme. very ‘unique’ zero2sixty… just like your company name

  • Sjaak

    Typical David and Goliath battle, you know who wins…..
    And….. Ford forgot about the best compliment….

  • So obvious for so many reasons that this is stupid! Good publicity for the Tuner, bad for Ford. Next year go to Sema with a better looking car Ford and shut up! (Or cry in silence in your bed).

  • psiqtas

    For real? That’s embarrassing FoMoCo…are they jealous how it came out or what?

  • Evo45

    They said it like that tuning firm made a complete Ford GT replica and sold it as their own car instead of Ford’s thing, that’s weird.

  • They made Mustang better….

    Be inspired, don’t sue….

  • Lee

    It appears that maybe some of the design cues are something that was going to be implemented in a future mustang. After all, Ford loves it when people customize Mustangs for a living. More Mustangs sold. This to me, might be infringing on a future idea and now if Ford moves forward with any of the design cues that 0 to 60 has done, then Ford could be sued!!!!

  • TheGoodJew

    Looks better than the s**t Ford turns out.

  • Mafio

    So Ford is mad someone made a Ford look like another Ford?


  • Mark

    Ferrari will have to get in on this too. Lexus for sure, you see that crease?

  • 4g63mark

    This is a BEAUTIFUL car. It makes me look at that chassis as a car I would want. I’m not in the market for a new car right now, but I would definitely be more inclined to buy one now, knowing I could make it look THAT good

  • TheBelltower

    It’s pretty douchey to publicly say “our legal team is aware and investigating” before they’ve determined that there’s an infringement on their design. It implies that there is a basis for legal action. The signature cues from the GT on this car are very abstract, and in no way can this be confused for a real GT or even a bad knockoff GT. This is very obviously still a Mustang that’s not pretending to be anything else.

    • Bob Smith

      Trust me. Ford’s “legal team” couldn’t beat a parking ticket.

  • DGXR

    It’s amazing that Ford thinks they will not benefit from the GTT publicity and popularity. The only thing I can think of is that Ford already has something radical in the works and this GTT will divert some of the success from that upcoming Ford model. Otherwise, Ford needs to cool it and at least try to pretend that the SVT team really is a bunch of enthusiasts.

  • Bob Smith

    Ford is blowing smoke. They are living in the 1980s when they were actually a big corporation. Plus, they are unable to come up with anything on their own so why are they complaining? As for the “latest” version of the gt, it’s obviously a carve job using a clay from the previous version.
    Nothing new here, folks.

  • Ellz

    Legal Actions? It’s an after market set-up. Homeboys still have to purchase the Mustang from a dealer first before performing any of the said modifications. Silly Ford…. simply Silly.

  • goodtoberight1

    Way too extreme with heavy handed copied design GT elements. Looks only like a SEMA type show car and not applicable to the general market place.

  • Matterafact

    Back is ok, front is meh
    Its cheesy as fuck overall though, i can see why Ford is seeking legal action.

  • And how about all the other 10’s of 1000’s of vehicles that are customized and may or may not appear to have some aspects of other vehicles currently in or out of production. Does this mean that someone that wants to incorporate some designs from these vehicles is required to send off their intended finished product to the manufacturers for approval? If this person had taken a Mustang and a GT; chopped, channeled, frenched, stretched, reduced etc. it would have been alright?

  • robnati

    Ford can lay claim to non-functional aesthetic design elements. To the extent an element’s shape is functional, it should not be protected. But then who wants to fight Ford in court year after year to prove the point?

  • papaJohnPetta

    Well what maybe 10 people could afford it anyway i would be thrilled with a everyday GT but who am i

  • Roshun Eppenger

    Either way, can I get one before they get sued?

  • fgclolz

    Be careful, Ferrari would sue for that back end as well.



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