The Grand Tour Visited 44 Countries In The First Season

It is well known that Clarkson & Co. stop at nothing when it comes to driving the latest and hottest vehicles the automotive industry has to offer.

However, the crew might have went above and beyond when it comes to filming the first season of their new car show – The Grand Tour.

With just four days separating us from catching the first episode that will air on Amazon Prime on November 18, more numbers reveal what promises to be an epic adventure: 44 countries visited, and 549 constructive debates, which will definitely make fans giggle.

The ex-Top Gear crew, which signed with Amazon after Jezza’s incident, also shows another digit in their latest teaser – 7, which refers to the romantic dinners that are part of the show.

At this rate, we can only expect more short videos to follow in the coming days, and given the mathematical pattern set recently, chances are more numbers will be disclosed, along with bits and pieces of the upcoming show.

Speaking of which, how high are your expectations compared to the revamped Top Gear?