Ford Mustang Crashes Into Porsche Cayman Attempting Stupid Overtake

As more and more Ford Mustangs crash around the world, I’m becoming increasingly convinced that prospective owners should have to pass some sort of test to prove they can handle tail-happy American muscle cars.

All jokes aside, it is time to report on yet another Mustang crash and this particular incident is certainly one of the most embarrassing.

As detailed by a Reddit user, the black sixth-gen Mustang 5.0 was being driven by his brother and for some unknown reason, attempted to overtake the Redditor’s Porsche Cayman in a residential area with a 30 mph limit.

Almost as soon as the Mustang driver pulls out to perform the overtake, the rear-end of the car kicks out and the driver over-corrects. This sends the Mustang straight into the side of the Cayman, immediately breaking the rear wheel of the German sports car. Additionally, the impact cause significant damage to the door, quarter panels and side skirt.

In a Reddit post, the Cayman driver said “I’m being very cordial with him, given the fact that his insurance is the one that is covering the situation. I’m very very frustrated with him, he did a silly thing, but I’m not going to hate him forever for it.”

Will the Mustang menace ever end?


  • cooper

    That Mustang driver should get his hands and ankles broken. Complete child of a man driving that Mustang.

    • Status

      A fan of Saudi punishment for moving violations?

      • cooper

        You’d be the person apologizing to the douche Mustang driver for getting in the way of his out of control car. The child man driving the Mustang could have killed someone and you just want defend his actions. I’m sure your girlfriend feels very safe around your buttercup values.

        • Status

          I’m not a fan of anyone who drives like that. I don’t think your punishment fits the crime.

          Besides, once autonomous cars come around, this won’t be a problem anymore, and your punishment will look even more ridiculous.

          Also, you can’t justify your punishment on the basis that it “could have killed someone”. Nobody was killed, and the only damage was property. If you were right in your justification, the “could have killed someone” would apply to everything.

          Especially considering we have people like you feeling ‘triggered’ whenever someone disagrees with you on the internet, I’m pretty sure you could make the argument that I “could have killed someone” by posting my comment.

          • cooper

            Looks like I hit a nerve/point with your buttercup views.

          • Status

            You’re the one who got ‘triggered’ thinking I was excusing the Mustang driver.

          • A Peck

            I can feel coopers rage through the monitor.

  • to much power ,and he can handle it ,glad no one was injured …

    • cargeniuass

      And it wasn’t the GT either so not a ton of power, he was just a douche

  • pjl35

    That really “totalled” the Porsche? Really?

    • Kaisuke971


    • psiqtas

      Thought the same…it’s really repairable!

    • Bowlernona

      I find out tomorrow if it is.

      There’s a decent amount of damage, and the paint is metallic.
      My fingers are crossed.

  • Sceptical

    looks staged! Someone wants a new Cayman!

    • cooper

      Explain how this would save him money in getting a new Cayman ?

  • Althea Later

    …did a “silly” thing??? That moron could have killed a pedestrian on the sidewalk.

  • TrevP

    It is ALWAYS a Mustang.

  • kello3000

    Best to just order all Mustangs to be scrapped and be done with it…

    • Whitty

      Dude it’s not the car, it’s the person. People don’t respect their ride and it bites back hard.

  • Tumbi Mtika
  • SteersUright

    Its simply a ton of torque and rear wheel drive. Mustangs, current M4’s, Corvettes, etc are all inherently unstable because of their vulnerability to snap oversteer at any given moment when you encounter poor traction. Cut power and lighten these cars up significantly. Corvettes are fun as hell and very fast in the right hands, but almost anyone can get them to step out by accident when getting on the throttle. I love them, but may not want another because I don’t want the risk of ending up in a wall or something always looming over.

    • cargeniuass

      Maybe stick to a ford focus then…..

      Kinda pointless to buy a sports coupe with lots of power if you can’t keep it from crashing.
      Sadly there are a lot of people who are idiots when it comes to common sense with these type of cars. This wasn’t even a GT model, he was just a punk trying to show off

  • FlameWater

    Can you imagine if the BR-Z or 86 had 300hp stock, wonder how many 20 year olds would of wrapped the pole by now

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      Haha! You’re right on the money.

  • KidRed

    Either Mustang buyers are all tools, or something is inherently wrong with the suspension/ESP/traction control design on them.

    • Alexander Stults

      The problem is that people are tools. Nothing wrong with the car. I drive an 06 mustang gt with power mods as a daily. I’ve done it for over 2 and a half years, with no problems. It’s not the cars fault for crashes

    • jai151

      Neither. The Mustang is just by far the most popular muscle car and among the most popular sports cars

    • cooper

      This is simply called user error. The mustang driver drove are like a child with no thought process.

    • cargeniuass

      Nope, just a lot of idiots with no concept of how power + rear wheels – traction = kablam

      • cooper

        Agreed, no one wants to make the point this was clearly user error. Some say this was only a moving violation. It digs a deeper than just a moving violation.

  • FlameWater

    how come we never hear about reckless drivers in Japan?

    • Status

      Different social attitudes regarding car/human relationship, high insurance and auto-tax costs, and passive road-going behavior probably demand that they don’t act like idiots behind the wheel. That, and I don’t think Japan ever made a car that was advertised and marketed on machismoism as much as the Mustang is. Subsequently, you don’t get many dude-bros walking through the door, and the Japanese who want a Mustang likely are much older and wealthier than any dude-bro, and can easily take on the insurance and tax costs.

      When you have cheap gas, low auto tax and insurance, and a dude-bro with a Monster Energy cap looking for opportunity to ‘prove himself’ like some kind mountain gorilla because he has a warped understanding of masculinity, then instances like the above arise.

      But that’s just my guess.

      • Belthronding Tinuviel


    • Christopher Sansom

      Because they drive on the correct side of the road 🙂

      • Jay

        its either the right side or the wrong side.

    • Galaxium

      In Japan, it’s much, much harder to get a driver’s license. The entire process is strict and stringent. Even long-time veteran drivers have trouble on their driving exams.

  • Axiom Ethos

    Any re-uploads of the crash vid?

  • Will Dumas

    Once these imbecile Mustang wreckers have had their fill, they’ll graduate up to a BMW to destroy.

  • Cameron

    Video has been removed…. Damn, insurance company beat me again.

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