Saudi Prince Says Women Should Be Allowed To Drive

A prominent prince from the Saudi royal family has said that women should be allowed to drive.

Saudi Arabia is the only country which bans women from driving, but on November 30, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal used Twitter to tell his 5.4 million followers “Stop the debate. Time for women to drive.”

Shortly after this Tweet, the office of Prince Alwaleed released a four-page statement outlining the various reasons why women should be permitted to drive in the country.

In the statement, Alwaleed says “Preventing a woman from driving a car is today an issue of rights similar to the one that forbade her from receiving an education or having an independent identity.”

The statement also expressed the importance of women being able to drive for economic, developmental and social reasons. He said “[Women have to] remain dependent on foreign drivers, an alternative that exacts a cost from the family’s income, or else continue to take cabs, which are also costly, and driven by foreign drivers,” considered by many Muslims as a violation of Sharia law.

reports that billions of dollars is drained from the Saudi economy due to the extensive use of foreign drivers.

Although Prince Alwaleed doesn’t hold any political office in the country, he does have significant interests in many national and international corporations.


  • Jim Jones ©

    Wow….just wow! Chillax here bro we don’t want to open the flood gates to human rights here…..maybe if he’s serious let’s get the ball rolling and start with women driving then maybe move onto the other small issues like public beheadings, lopping off people’s hands and oh say maybe international terrorism?

    That would be great, anytime you want but make it soon mkay.

    Thanks from us here in the modern world xxx

    Oh and Merry Christmas…..oops sorry happy holidays to you guys in the 8th Century.


    • Six_Tymes

      almost the same i was thinking, just replace we’re with they’re.

    • Jay

      2016 and a lot of people still hate each others guts. What do you expect?

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      Oh there’s no debate.
      He’ll be told by other members to “quieten down”.

    • thunder bolt

      the debate was should women ride camel first then drive car later to get the experience and the history or transportation.

  • Zed68

    Next : “should beheaded people be allowed to drive ?”

    • Jay

      They can’t even walk correctly but sure why not because everything makes sense now.

  • Callanish

    Too rIght. Women in Saudi Arabia should be allowed to make horrible driving decisions that put everyone’s life in danger just like the men.

  • BOB

    ,,The measure of culture advancement is how women are treated.”

  • Jason Panamera

    ,,The measure of culture advancement is how women are treated.”

  • Able

    Far out, allowing women to drive is a bit extreme! What’s next? Gay rights, legal alcohol, other basic human rights? I’m getting ahead of myself here…

  • kimbentsen

    Here in the west we should reconsider allowing women to drive. They cause too many incidents at the supermarket parking lot.

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    Saudi Prince Says Women Should Be Allowed To Drive

    Yeh, they do. Men, nuts!

  • Kagan Oztrak

    should be able to drive…to his house..

  • john1168

    LMAO!!! The funny thing is, they have NO IDEA how far behind they really are… But… this is a start…

  • Justanotherjew

    Your sarcasm on the topic just proves that you are even far-behind on the intellectual level compared to a 5-year old who lives in Saudi. That’s what most idiots do when they have nothing to say; crack a joke.
    On another note, please do go and have a look at the biggest share holders in the U.S. federal reserve. If you lack googling skills, it’s owned by Saudi members and Swiss Jews. London? same thing.
    The thing is, Saudi is indeed far behind when it comes to its laws and regulations – but make no mistake, the amount of currency control power they have far surpasses any other country. Stupid? I think not.

  • Smith

    Yes, alright, blah, blah. blah, … and seriously, what century do they live in that women aren’t allowed … but what really matters is, has Toto Wolff call Jenson Button yet. That would be an excellent choice and someone who can score all the points they need for a Constructors Championship but would be happy to finish second in Drivers WC.