Next-Generation Volkswagen Golf GTI To Get Hybrid Power

The next-generation Volkswagen Golf GTI will benefit from a boost in performance and improved fuel economy thanks to a hybrid powertrain.

Autocar suggests that the new Golf GTI will continue to use a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine but a 48V electrical system and integrated starter motor will also be installed. Additionally, it is probable that the traditional exhaust-driven turbocharger currently used will be switched out for one with an electrically operated compressor to eliminate turbo lag and add a smoother torque curve.

It is also reported that the electric starter motor will double as a performance booster to the combustion engine when the hot hatch is being driven in a particular mode. All up, a power figure near the current Golf GTI Clubsport‘s 261 hp is likely.

Beneath the skin and supporting the hybrid powertrain will be a tweaked variant of the MQB platform underpinning the existing car. Among the most pivotal changes to this platform will be the increased use of lightweight materials, helping it to shed some 50 kg (110 lbs).

European sales of the model will begin in 2020.


  • Skip

    Full 48v is long overdue. Funny how we may just skip that and go full electric before it is finally pervasive…

  • Ilbirs

    Let’s be more precise about the future GTI and call this a mild-hybrid as Autocar said in its story. There isn’t purely electric propulsion when talking about the 48V starter-generator system.