Chevrolet Bolt Drives Itself Masterfully Through San Francisco

The Chevrolet Bolt isn’t just the first vehicle from General Motors offering an impressive electric range at an affordable price, it is also serving as the test bed for the carmaker’s autonomous driving systems.

While Tesla has been getting all the self-driving praise recently, the video below shows a Bolt prototype masterfully driving throughout the tricky streets of San Francisco without any obvious intervention from the driver of passenger.

It manages to come to a halt at multiple stop signs, gives way to other motorists when necessary and is able to detect and avoid a cyclist riding in the same lane.

The Chevrolet Bolt in question is known internally as Albatross and is one of dozens of prototypes in Chevrolet’s testing fleet named after animals.


  • Jay

    I’m impressed.

  • xDRAN0x

    This looks promising

  • Looks impressive.
    But what will happen if someones tricks the self-driving car with dummy traffic light?

    • Status

      Then it would fool non-self driving cars. I’m sure the Bolt is looking for cross traffic and on-coming traffic in conjunction to looking for green traffic lights.

  • danno

    For such an enlightened community, the SF denizens sure do rely on the auto for their daily transportation. Looked like a used car lot on that drive.


    Ugly City

    • matrem

      You sound like you’re from Daly City. Aka jealous.

  • Enter Ranting


  • KidRed

    I’m curious about 4 way stop signs. How does the AI handle who should go if multiple cars arrive at the same time? What happens when the other driver is a douche and goes first? Does the AI know to stop once it senses the car leaving the stop sign area? Questions aside, pretty impressive.