Mexican Garage Restomods A Mean, Darth Vader-ish Camaro

The combination of restoration and modification, “restomods” are becoming more and more popular. They usually confine themselves to upgrading and modernizing existing designs while staying faithful to the spirit of the original, but SR Motors is taking things a step further.

Based near Monterrey, Mexico – just a couple hours’ drive south of the border from the crossing Laredo, Texas – SR Motors has big plans. And they start with the project you see here.

Called the Spartan, the restomod job takes its cues from the ancient Greek warriors (presumably not for its bare-bones interior). It’s based (like so many other restomods) on a Camaro – specifically the second-generation model of the sort Chevy made in the 1970s. Only this one injects enough sinister attitude to make it look more like a Decepticon than a good-guy Transformer like Bumblebee.

The Spartan Camaro, however, is only the starting point for SR Motors. The company also apparently plans to modify a ’68 Mustang, a ’64 Mercedes, a 1949 Chevy, and a ’75 Nissan Z. We’ll be watching to see how they all shape up.

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