Tesla Dropping Model S 60 And 60D Due To Poor Sales On April 16

Introduced last year as the most affordable option of the Tesla Model S range, the 60 and 60D versions were short lived as the Californian company has decided to discontinue both models. 

Announced in a short press release, the decision is official, and will be effective starting with April 16, which is the date when those still interested in the two entry-level vehicles will still be able to place an order.

One year ago, we introduced the Model S 60 kWh battery as a more affordable option to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. However, most customers ended up buying an equivalent to the Model S 75 kWh. To simplify the ordering process for our customers, we will be removing the 60 kWh option from our lineup“, said Tesla.

Tesla also have a solution for current owners of the Model S 60 and 60D, and it involves upgrading their batteries to a 75 kWh capacity. This means not only a longer range between charges, from EPA-estimated 210 miles (338 km) and 218 miles (351 km) in the 60 and 60D, to 249 miles (401 km) and 259 miles (417 km) in the 75 and 75D, but also an increased top speed to 140 mph (225 km/h), in both cars.

The upgrade can be made with an over the air update and will be available for all owners of the two Model S 60 and 60D EVs.


  • Six_Tymes

    makes sense, people who can afford the 60 find a way to buy a 100

    • Bash


  • Craig

    How can you upgrade batteries over the ‘air’?

    • Sébastien

      the S60 actually comes with a 75kwh battery pack which is software locked (and unlockable over the air)

      • BlackPegasus

        So does that mean the technology is already embedded? Seems Tesla is charging more for access, not actual product and hardware.

        • gary4205


        • Sébastien

          This can actually be a good thing in some cases. Eg. countries where taxes are based on the car paid price… And not what you enable later.

          Imagine paying a V8 as a 4cyl, pay your taxes… Then later you pay for the remainder fun

        • Status

          DLC had been around for a while now. Nothing new here.

      • Craig

        Thanks Sébastien. I had no idea!

  • Kevin Tay

    How does Tesla know they will have poor sales on April 16? Oh, wait, misleading title.

    • MMAster

      …only if you have poor reading comprehension

      • Kevin Tay

        Being able to speak multiple languages, it’s easy to interpret the wrong way

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Not surprised.