These Are The Most Popular Classic Cars On Instagram

If you’ve ever wondered which classic models stand out on social media in terms of popularity, these graphs will give you a pretty good idea as far as Instagram is concerned.

This study was put together by AutoNation, which examined over 198,000 Instagram posts, looking for the hashtags #ClassicCar and #CarShow in order to identify which models got the most mentions.

When it comes to the “ClassicCar” hashtag, the Mustang rules above everyone else, followed by the Corvette, Camaro, GTO, Bel Air, Impala, Chevelle, Nova and the Charger. As you can see, only three out of these nine nameplates still exist today in their classic form – the Impala and Charger have morphed from Coupes to Saloons.

These rankings look a bit different when diving into the “most liked” section. Here, top dog was the Pontiac Grand Prix (who knew?) with 545 likes on average, while the Charger managed to edge out both the Camaro and the Mustang, claiming second place with 381 likes.

Another interesting statistic refers to which “model years” were most popular among Instagram users. Here, we learn that the iconic rides of the 1950’s were mentioned the most, followed by the 70’s and then the 60’s. Popular 50’s models included the 1953 Chevy Corvette, the Impala and the second-generation Chevy Bel Air.

The 1960’s saw the introduction of the Mustang and the Charger as the American market transitioned from sports cars to muscle cars. Speaking of the 1960’s Charger, this study found that it was the most liked #ClassicCar and #CarShow model on Instagram decade-wise. As for the 50’s and 70’s, this decade-specific “award” goes to the Impala and the Chevelle respectively.

Last but not least, we have a ranking mentioning makes by color, but also one for the top 5 states with the most #CarShow Instagram posts. Here, we have Nevada at number one, followed by California, Florida, Georgia and Connecticut – in this exact order.

In terms of colors, Chevrolet was found in 73% of posts that also mentioned the color ‘orange’, 63% of the posts mentioning the color ‘gold’ and 52% with the color ‘green.’ On the other hand, colors like black, blue, yellow and white were more likely to be mentioned alongside Ford than any other brand.