Get A Heck Of A Deal On This BMW i8… Just Don’t Look Underneath

Want to put yourself behind the wheel of a BMW i8? It’ll cost you a good $140k. If that’s too rich for your blood, you can pick one up second-hand for $100k or so.

This one’s bound to sell for less, but there’s a bit of an issue.

The 2015 model is listed on Copart. If the name of that site means anything to you, it’ll tell you that there’s something seriously wrong with it, because Copart deals primarily in vehicles so extensively damaged that their insurance companies have written them off.

In this case, the hybrid sports car appears to have run something over. We don’t know exactly what it was or how extensive the damage is, but it apparently messed up the undercarriage and the chin some’n fierce.

We’d guess that the driver probably ran over a bollard or some other immovable object. Whatever it was, Farmers Insurance evidently elected to sell it for salvage rather than pay to have it fixed – which, given the vehicle’s value, tells you the damage must have been fairly extensive, or even structural.

As of when we’re writing these words, bidding is up past $40,000, but has yet to meet its reserve price. There’s still a good eight days left before the auction closes on April 28, so if you’re hellbent on putting an i8 in your driveway, and don’t particularly care if it’s able to drive off it again, this could be your chance. Its real value, though, will more likely be found in whatever parts can be salvaged so that other i8s may live.

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  • Kash

    You really get a new for closer to 110-120, they’re not exactly flying off the lots and everyone tried to do to them like the 911 R, P1, etc.

  • Howstar

    Might not be, since its made of such expensive composite there could be minor damage in a really pain in the ass place to repair or replace the insurance company just wrote it off instead

  • Bash

    The car is exciting but not worth the risk..