2018 BMW 8-Series Officially Teased Ahead Of Villa d’Este Debut

Following the confirmation of the 8-Series’ rebirth, BMW dropped the first official teaser image of the model’s concept, ahead of its public debut later this month.

BMW will reveal the 8-Series in a design study form on May 26 at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, providing a look ahead to the production Coupe model that’s slated for 2018.

“The BMW 8 Series Coupe will build on our tradition of luxurious sports coupes and add a genuine dream car to our line-up – a slice of pure automotive fascination,” says Krüger, looking ahead to the new model. “The 8 Series Coupe will underpin our claim to leadership in the luxury segment. I can tell you today that this will be a true luxury sports coupe.”

The new 8-Series is going to be based on the same CLAR platform with the 5- and 7-Series, with BMW aiming to position the new model more upmarket than the outgoing 6-Series Coupe.

According to the latest reports, the production version of the 2018 8-Series Coupe will compete in the 150,000 euros-plus range (around $165k). A convertible version will follow on 2019 as well as a range-topping V12 version. BMW says that they still haven’t decided if they will build an M8 version.


  • TheHake

    That tease certainly looks promising!

    • Bash

      Yep, and it looks few light years ahead of the current 6 series, that was (quietly) discontinued in Feb.

      • TheHake


  • Infinite1

    Here’s to hoping BMW gives us an M8 variant! With the new Z5 sharing drive trains with the upcoming MKV Supra and this, I’m excited.

    • Kaisuke971

      It has pretty much been confirmed BUT… V8.

    • TheHake

      M8 Variant? I’d prefer a Shooting Break… 😉

      • Infinite1

        To each his own

        • TheHake

          I think you didn’t get my joke…

  • Kaisuke971

    I’m excited for this, seems that BMW will finally be taking some risk design-wise… Wait & See.

  • ohbebek

    is that a bangle-butt?

  • fabri99

    Guess I’ll see it there then!

    • Stephen Baxter

      jealous 😉

  • Smallenpik

    I really hope BMW makes this 8 series a forged autonomous car.


    ONE-77 with Golf 7 headlights

    Does look promising though

  • Six Thousand Times

    This could be epic.

  • EddyCj


  • Grumpy

    if the coupe is 165k, a M8 would be wel1 close to 200k, in which case would you spend 200k on a BMW over a Merc?

  • MarketAndChurch

    Could be my mind playing tricks on me but it looks like it has some Austin-Healey or Zagatto influences in the rear fender. I’m hyped!

  • thunder bolt

    thanks God it’s only a concept.

  • KSegg

    Not sure if they’ll make M8, but yet they make stuff like the X4/5/6M?

  • Is it me or that sketch looks a lot like an Aston Martin?
    – except for the GTI headlights (as someone pointed earlier)