BMW ///Made Donuts For Mercedes-AMG’s 50th Birthday

Of all the legendary rivalries that have characterized the history and industry of the automobile, some of the best have occurred between countrymen: Chevy versus Ford, Ferrari versus Lamborghini, Toyota versus Honda, BMW versus Mercedes… or more specifically, in this case, BMW M versus Mercedes-AMG.

The latter marked its 50th anniversary this past weekend at the Nürburgring, where the 24-hour race took place alongside the World Touring Car Championship and other support races. Being the good neighbor that it is, BMW M GmbH took the opportunity to wish its rival from Affalterbach a happy birthday – though not without tongue firmly placed in cheek.

Along the broad side of the Bavarian performance division’s trackside pavillion was plastered the billboard pictured above. It features what looks like an M2 or M4 in Long Beach blue, smoking its rear tires in typical Bimmer fashion and accompanied by the words: “You ordered cake, we made donuts. M Congratulates AMG on its 50th anniversary.”

While festive, congratulatory, and lighthearted, the sentiment is not without its underlying jab that BMW’s performance models are more hardcore, more serious, more fun performance machines than AMG’s. But any way you look at it, it’s a rivalry we’re glad to see played out.

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  • 3rdworldjunkie

    Classic German humor at its best…

  • AvarageCarGuy

    Very creative in every aspect

  • BobV12

    Nice move !