Chrysler Shows Us What Mothers Brought To Cars

Some of the things in cars that we take for granted today exist because a mother created them.

This is the idea behind Chrysler’s latest commercial, which starts by showing the Pacifica without windshield wipers, GPS, and heat, and for a good reason, as all of them have been made by moms.

Mother of one, Helene Rother, came to the States from Germany and started working as an illustrator for Marvel Comics in 1942. The following year, she joined General Motors, thus becoming Detroit’s first female automotive designer, who specialized in creating car interiors, among others.

Charlotte Bridgwood, another mother of one, invented the automatic windshield wiper, Hedy Lamarr, mother of three, developed the wireless technology that led to the modern-day GPS, and Margaret Wilcox, mother of five, is the woman that designed the first car heating system.

The 1-minute long film is  FCA’s way of saying ‘thank you’ to all the moms out there, for this year’s Mother’s Day, which is celebrated on the second Sunday, each May, in the United States.