Donald Trump Vows To Stop German Car Sales In The U.S.

President Donald Trump has expanded his focus on the automotive industry beyond U.S. and Japanese carmakers, and now appears to be targeting the Germans.

While attending a NATO summit in Brussels with a host of top EU leaders, Trump is reported to have hit out at Germany and suggested he will attempt to stop German-built vehicles being sold in the U.S.

“The Germans are bad, very bad… Look at the millions of cars they sell in the US. We will stop this,” Trump said, Jalopnik reports.

It is impossible to say exactly how Trump intends to reduce or entirely stop German cars being sold in the U.S, but his proposed tax of 35 per cent on imported cars could go some way to limiting sales and encouraging German manufacturers to build more of their vehicles locally.

BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen all have manufacturing facilities in the United States, with BMW’s Spartanburg factory being its largest, as well as the one responsible for building most of its SUV models.


  • I’mCallingYouOut


  • Just another Supra fan

    Run GTI Run!

    • You missed the perfect opportunity to say “run Rabbit run!”

  • atomicbri

    Trump…. Bahahaha a total Charlatan and a sham. Snake oil salesman at his finest.

  • Bananarama

    It scares me that almost half of the U.S. voted for this idiot.

    • dumblikeyou2


    • no25

      what scares me more is that most of them defend every disgraceful thing he does and believe he’s doing a good job as president

    • Kevin Tay

      I wanted Trump to be President because I wanted to know just how much he could fuck things up. So far, I am happy with my decision.

  • pureworx

    its what he does.. threaten to get his way.. he wants the other member states to contribute more to nato funds, so threatening one of the strongest economic nations in the group is his way of getting that.

    • DMJ

      I would believe your theory if he was not dumb AF.

      • pureworx

        hes not politically smart no.. but he is a ruthless businessman and bully.. so he uses his “negotiating”(bullying) skills to threaten and get his way or is trying to anyway.. im not saying he will succeed, i’m just speculating what his play is.. why bring up german car sales in the us at a nato meeting?

  • ejd1984

    ………….another day, another embarrassment.

    • Zandit75

      That would imply there has been days where he hasn’t embarrassed the US……

      • Big Black Duck

        lol…ppl like you deserve awards for comments like that

  • Well…there goes all those German-paid factories, dealerships, jobs and taxes. It’s hard to believe that Trump is a multi-millionaire businessman with this attitude.

    • Christopher Sansom

      I thought he was a multi bankrupt

      • willhaven

        I don’t think Trump himself has ever filed for bankruptcy, only a few of his companies.

        • I’mCallingYouOut

          You are correct, “just” his companies (4 times). I’m also loving your icon!

        • Big Black Duck

          how can u be a trekkie and defend this ferengi?

          • willhaven

            Why do you assume I’m defending anyone?

      • I think both.

    • Subi-Rubicon1

      He inherited all his millions. There’s no hard work in that.

  • dumblikeyou2

    Next he’ll strike a deal for all those wonderfully made high quality Russian car brands to start selling instead. Shudder.

  • matrem

    Imagine being as stupid as Trump. Christ.

    • Aquaflex

      You would be stupid and fucking rich though…

      • Axel Cortez

        nop unless your father had the money his father did, otherwise you would be only fucking stupid

        • fabri99

          C’mon, he only got a small loan.

          • Astonman

            $24 million

          • fabri99

            Oh well, he called it a small loan, so…

          • Astonman

            Yea it was real “small”.

          • Enter Ranting

            But he lies about EVERYTHING.

  • Charles Chin

    Its fine, in 5 years time American will forget about this and vote him back in again ROFL.

  • Ara Rezaee

    Remember when America wasn’t the laughing stock of the world?

    • Just another Supra fan

      Pepperidge Farm remembers

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      Yeah…I do…those were the days…you know, before Obama…Trump is no better, but let’s not pretend Obama was a good President…as long as we are ruled by all the idiots who control everything we are doomed….there is no “we the people” and hasn’t been for many many years, and never will be again. When they control our money and can stay as long as they want doing it, and vote on their own pay, and write books and speak to make millions, and take money from corporations to do their bidding, we are totally hosed…no matter who is the President…the system is as broken as the corporate system…CEO’s making billions while workers barely afford to get quality health care…we give half our earnings to 51% of the people who just, don’t want to work…but hey, they are votes, and votes cost money, so they pay them with our money…

      We’re all hosed….

  • Failure is an Option

    Interesting on how every democrat politician is doing anything in their power to rid the USA of all cars and gas, and have us return to only mass transportation and bicycles, and none of you complain. Trump makes a hollow threat and you blow a fuse.

    • Phoenix R. Cavalier

      I love cars, and yet, “return to only mass transportation and bicycles” is a silly statement to say the least. As a proud American, I wish we really were first; with the best road, bridges, cleanest jets, fastest trains, best cars, cleanest water, best healthcare, most renewable energy, most equal pay, most vacation time, best maternity/paternity leave, best education, the best research, the boldest innovation, and much more. Sadly, the reason we’re not first has absolutely nothing to do with any other nation. We’re not first because of all the things we’re NOT doing. Blocking some import, building a wall, or locking people up will not do a damn thing to make us stronger, smarter, better, or safer. So yeah, I’d love to see the evidence of when we had “only mass transportation and bicycles”… bicycles, which were invented by the Germans and named by the French no less, so they were probably imported too.

    • I’mCallingYouOut

      omg lol stop.

      • I’mCallingYouOut

        and holy garbage chute i just read your user name.

  • DMJ

    I’m not amarican and I really feel sorry for all the americans that didn’t vote for this idiot.

    • Zandit75

      I also feel sorry for those who DID vote for him!

      • Big Black Duck

        there is really no help for them…infact its a pre-existing condition

      • Enter Ranting

        Yep – they’re the ones who stand to lose the most.

  • fabri99

    So a meeting with the Pope didn’t fix Mr. Trump? Wouldn’t know what to try next, honestly.

    • Aquaflex

      It’s beyond broken…

  • Aquaflex

    The NATO members have until 2024 to reach that 2 percent of GDP. So pressuring Germany or any other member state is flat out wrong and if people want German cars they should be able to buy them. Germany is part of the EU and we have a trade deal with the EU not Germany. Once the U.K. leaves the EU they will have to negotiate a trade deal with the EU and the US.

  • Peyton

    So is he doing this on behalf of the US citizens? Because I don’t think this is what US citizens are asking for…

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      None of them do what we want…it’s what best serves them politically and monetarily…

  • haudit

    Trump logic – It’s OK to build cars in America for sale around the world, but it’s not OK to build cars elsewhere and sell them in America.

  • Nordschleife

    Well Kids, you too can be president if you bully and make fun of people, file for bankruptcy, marry 3 times and have kids with 3 different women as long as you reach out to all the people that don’t value inclusiveness and respect for your fellow person because respect and inclusiveness are dirty words.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Here we go again…

  • nastinupe

    If Trump does introduce this tax on German vehicles, the used german car market will explode. Every slightly used 1 to 3 year old german car will sell for 15% – 20% over MSRP, especially if there hasn’t been a model change/ revision. Used dealerships stand to make a killing. Dealerships will have to compensate by offering 0% interest on used cars and serious discounts in pricing.

  • Mark S

    The conversation was more involved than that. Stop with the political FAKE NEWS!

  • John

    well… all the X series are designed and made in USA already right?
    it’s gonna take some serious market power to have other series built locally like China.
    but once they are made in USA… i ain’t buying one. made in USA quality suck. lolunions and i still remember how criminals sued their way back into BMW’s USA factory.

  • Honda NSX-R


  • Kash

    There’s a lot of ellipses in that quote, wonder what was cut out of it.

  • Chicken Tax

    Chicken tax…? ..for German cars…?

  • Craig

    Literalists [which most liberals are] are driven nuts by someone like Trump. And understandably so. But the failing is on the part of liberals. Not Trump.

    • Matt

      The problem with your theory is that Trump supporters and conservatives would also be considered ‘literalists’, as they took everything Trump said on the campaign trail literally.

      I mean they actually think he’s going to build a big, physical wall on the border.

      They even thought he was actually going to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary.

      They got played.

      • Craig

        Trump has been the president for 4 months and 6 days. He has 3 years, 7 months and 24 days left to do what he promised. Like I said… Literalists [like yourself] just don’t ‘get it’.

        • Matt

          Apparently I’m a literalist now, good to know.

          • Craig

            Yes Matt. You are.

          • Matt

            Ok Craig, thanks for clarifying. Oh well.

          • Craig


        • Enter Ranting

          Wait, Craig – you SERIOUSLY think congress is going to appropriate billions for that idiotic wall? And that Drumpf is going to reopen coal mines, despite the fact that they were closed because of competition from natural gas? And he’s going to ban Muslims from entering the country? And declare China a currency manipulator? And leave NAFTA? Also, how’s that swamp-draining going? Or is it overflowing with Goldman Sachs executives?

          Defending Drumpf at this point is beyond ridiculous.

  • Elmediterraneo

    It’s feels so good to have voted for the pro-european, progressist and modernist Macron in France 🙂

  • SteersUright

    Trump should just open a car company with his son in law Jared called, American Automobiles for the People or, Trumpfignewton A.G.

  • Ed Ward

    The Russians are laughing their ass off.

  • Enter Ranting

    It is impossible to overstate how ignorant Drumpf is. Are his cheap suits and ties made in this country yet? Seriously, every day is a new humiliation for the U.S. with that cretin in the Oval Office. And where are all his cheerleaders? Did they get tired of winning?

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