Fiat’s Rolling Out A New Argo Hatchback In Brazil

With its dual headquarters in America and Europe, it’d be all too easy to forget that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles competes in other markets around the world. Like in South America, for example, where it is now rolling out an all-new model.

Called the Argo (and not to be confused with the Toyota Aygo), the little hatchback takes a decidedly different approach from the Fiat 500 – more along the lines of the budget-oriented Tipo it produces in Turkey.

Fiat hasn’t revealed much in the way of details to go with these two images and manufacturing video. But Motor1 reports that it will replace both the Punto and the Palio in the Brazilian market, and come with an array of engine choices ranging from 1.0 to 1.8 liters, with manual and automatic transmissions, and capable of running (as so many vehicles are in Brazil) on either gasoline or ethanol.

Fiat has a long history in the Brazilian market, where it produces and offers models we don’t see outside of Latin America, like the Mobi hatchback, Grand Siena sedan (again not to be confused with a Toyota), and Toro pickup.

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  • RS6 Performance Wagon Lover

    The Argo looks quite sharp for a budget hatchback.

  • jfalckt

    FIAT really needs to sort out it’s European small car offerings – they are getting seriously long in the tooth. Maybe they should sell this in Europe.

  • scenic

    That is one ugly looking car!

    • Alex


  • Loic

    Bring it in Europe… this car is awesome !!!

  • fabri99

    They should sell it in Europe as a low cost citycar, at starting price of €5,000…

    • haudit

      If they do sell it in Europe, it’ll be good value, but it won’t be anything like as inexpensive as a Dacia Sandero. More likely it’ll be priced like the Tipo – undercutting its main rivals by several thousand £/€s, but not Dacia cheap.

      • fabri99

        Well, they just have to make it cheap to sell it cheap. Still, many people are just looking for a car to get from A to B and a Panda is already to expensive. Most don’t care about soft plastics, nice dashboard etc.
        Just make it cheaper and sell it for a few thousand euros less.

  • dumblikeyou2

    I actually think these are the Fiats that would see in America. Not the goofy, trying-too-hard, “lifestyle” models they’re floundering with currently. And especially not re-badged Mazda’s with ugly faces.

  • j60dnl

    I would like to see this sold in Europe mainly because the Punto has been completely left behind.
    Looks like this one has a little HGT badge on the front wing too!

  • TheHake

    About a MILLION times better looking than the Tipo.

    • alexxx

      Exactly my thoughts…

  • Carmelo Van Cabboi

    Love it. Sporty and sharp. But for sure it will be not sold in EU…

  • Luis Fernando Sierra

    A possible new Dodge Omni…?
    Dreaming costs nothing…

    • Liam Paul

      that does kind of have a Dodge Omni look but it would need a special engine , a turbo l4 with at least 225 to 275 hp to make it feel like it too

      • gary4205

        Those engines would be for the GLH (Goes Like Hell) models.

  • Benjamin B.

    Brazil is a top oil producer, yet they love ethanol.

  • Dennis James

    It’s stupid, this looks better than their European offerings !

  • gadgety

    That’s an aggressive front. Looks butch. Although I can’t point to a specific car for inspriation, it looks kind of American muscle car/truck inspired in some way. I like it.

  • gary4205

    With Fiat Dealers in the USA about to revolt, this car needs to come here ASAP!

    It would sell very well.