Forget The C63, Ice Creams Are The M4 Convertible’s Worst Enemy

BMW’s M division is continuing to run with its intriguing new marketing strategy, releasing another commercial that ditches seriousness in favor of humor.

This latest ad spot features a very sleek purple M4 Convertible that’s clearly the pride and joy of its female owner. When her male colleague returns to the drop-top sports car with two dripping ice creams in hand, the owner locks him out to prevent any drips on the pristine Oyster White Nappa leather upholstery.

A few days ago, BMW released a similar commercial for the M4 Coupe that highlighted one of the pitfalls of driving a sports car so low to the ground. It was eye-opening to say the least.

BMW released the facelifted M4 Convertible back in January and while the changes to it are minimal, those well versed in everything BMW can tell the difference, most notably thanks to the fitment of full-LED headlights and full-LED taillights.