Uniquely Modded Mini JCW Is Both Loud And Light

Taking a car as light and dynamic as the John Cooper Works Mini and adding a bit more power while taking away some of the weight will always make for a fun recipe.

Behind the wheel of this modded JCW is The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah, who notices the noise and ultra-thin Recaro seats right off the bat. The owner of the car even had the backseat removed and added a set of Ohilins Road & Track coil overs.

Farah goes as far as to say that he doesn’t think the car needs any more power and that it drives beautifully on those canyon roads.

Even though this Mini has done a lot of miles (it’s a 2012 model), the owner made sure that it looked properly sporty and that the interior didn’t rattle, as it’s been known to happen with the Cooper range.

Overall, we’re fans of how aggressive this Mini sounds and looks, both outside and in.


  • fluffy

    So a JCW GP then? Brilliant little cars