New Lotus Elise Sprint Reminds Us That Light Is Always Right

Yes, we get it, Lotus is all about lightness but no matter how tired you may be from the British company’s catchphrase, lighter is always better when it comes to performance cars.

And the Elise has definitely stayed true to the above, despite being around for 21 years which sounds even more remarkable when you read it out loud.

The latest addition to the Elise range is of course the new Sprint models, a lightweight version of a lightweight car as Lotus wants to grasp with both hands the original ethos of the brand.

The headline figure is of course the weight, with the entry-level Elise Sprint tipping the scales at just 798kg (1,759lbs) dry. Power comes from a little 1.6-litre four-cylinder sourced from Toyota with a modest 134hp but when there is so little mass to move around, things are more interesting that they sound.

The power-to-weight ratio then is 168hp/tonne, which sounds way more exciting than the output of the engine. Together with the proven handling capability of the Elise’s aluminum chassis, the new Sprint should just put a big smile on the driver’s face on every occasion.

Does it deliver or the passing of two decades has taken its toll? Pistonheads finds out in their latest video linked below.


  • I just wish they’d make something new rather than spend the last 20 years releasing and rereleasing special editions…

    • Benjamin B.

      They don’t have money to spend on new chassises. They don’t have money to spend on engines.

  • Infinite1

    I definitely need to make more cars and bring them back to the U.S.