Would You Blow $300,000 On A BMW M3 CRT E90?

Yes, you read that right, this 2013 BMW M3 CRT, with 237 miles (382km) on the clock, has been listed for $300,000, or $299,950 to be more precise.

And you would have to constantly explain to your friends what CFRP is, and how the Germans were the first to use it on this car to drop 154lbs (70kg) from its weight, a few years before the i3 and i8 were put into production.

BMW only made 67 examples of the M3 CRT, but none of them were officially sold in North America. However, two units somehow found their way to this side of the pond, including this 4-year old model, listed for grabs on DupontRegistry.

According to the seller, it has been “federalized for Show & Display use, meaning it is fully legal to drive in 49 states for up to 2,500 miles (4,023km) a year”, but would require CARB certification to be driven in California.

Building upon the E90 generation, the BMW M3 CRT brings some of the technology of the M3 GTS Coupe, and comes with an exclusive Frozen Polar Silver spray, combined with Melbourne Red accents.

Other features include a slightly different grille, 19-inch lightweight wheels, modified rear suspension, new high-performance brakes, titanium exhaust system, and a bespoke interior, with a plaque indicating the build number.

Pushing the car from naught to 62mph (100km/h) in 4.4 seconds is the M3 GTS’s upgraded 4.4-liter V8 engine that churns out 450hp and 325lbft (440Nm) of torque.


  • TheBelltower

    How extensively was CFRP used? Was it substantial, or was it just used for the seats and bits-n-pieces? If this was a truly hi-tech use of CFRP that pushes technology forward, then it’ll be worth the price. The i3 and i8 bodies are entirely formed from the stuff. So if it’s just a bunch of CFRP appliqués on this M3, then nope.

    • Kash

      iirc CFRP was used on actual body panels, probably the skirts, front fenders, and grille, but i can’t say with certainty.

      • TheBelltower

        That’s what I’m thinking also. Which is not outside the norm of how CF is used to make it worth 300k. Since the 2014 i3/i8 are entirely formed from CFRP, and not just the exterior panels, they should be worth a billion trillion dollars each.

        • Kash

          TBH this M3 and its price tag is just another example of the BMW fanboy circle jerk.

        • Kaisuke971

          The thing is, this car was actually built in 2011 to showcase the extensive use of carbon fiber on a “regular” car and preview what they were going to do on the i3 and the i8, with the i3 being the first production car making an extensive use of carbon fiber with a price that low.

          So this M3 CRT acts as the first production BMW to make extensive use of carbon fiber, and also the first four door production car to do so (correct me if i’m wrong, i can’t find anything else). Before the M3 CRT, only supercars were given that treatment.

          Plus don’t forget that the cost of these CFRP panels went down significantly over the years because of mass production, so back then it was more expensive to produce as well.

          • TheBelltower

            That’s what I want to understand. To what extent was CFRP used? Was it used for the subframe, unibody and other structural components? Or was it just used in places like the seats, wheels, front wing and hood? In 2013, CF was an un-newsworthy way to shave off weight by replacing panels and components with it. Based on the listing, that seems like what BMW did here. A year later, the i-cars used it everywhere, far beyond what this car did. I’m not saying that this car isn’t going to eventually be worth a premium for being rare. But BMW has a constant parade of rare edition M3’s. A four year old M3 isn’t there yet.

          • Kaisuke971

            The hood, the roof, the seats and the aero (i actually thought the doors as well i won’t lie). Carbon wheels for production cars didn’t exist until Koenigsegg built them for the Agera R in 2012 (a year later). The i vehicles came out in 2013, the CRT is from 2011. On a sedan it was unseen. Maybe now that we have cars with carbon everywhere it seems almost ridiculous but for the time there was really nothing like it.

            Plus, the M3 CRT didn’t cost 145 000$ just for that, but because it has the 4.4l engine from the GTS, a titanium exhaust, a bespoke paint, a completely reworked interior… It really is more than just a regular M3 with some carbon bits here and there. The fact that it’s worth twice its original price tag does prove it.

            Also i think you need to make the distinction between an edition and a model. This is a model, the 30 Jahre is an edition.

          • TheBelltower

            So the model was perhaps somewhat ahead of the curve for about a minute in history. But not this particular one from 2013 that was sold at the same time a significantly more advanced BMW was being sold for far less. I guess we’ll see. This seems like an unimpressive way to dump $300k. I’m not going to continue to rag on this car when it’s the seller who is really out of his mind.

  • Tumbi Mtika



    • Bo Hanan

      The GTS coupe (came in orange only) with the same engine is more sought after.
      If I spend $300K on a car I want people to know it.

      • Tumbi Mtika

        And for good reason!

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Thanks, Bill Gates.

  • Nordschleife

    Positively, Unequivocally NOT.


    Carbon fiber reinforced polymer

    • eb110americana

      I get annoyed by people who insist on using this terminology. ALL carbon fiber is CFRP (unless you are just talking about woven carbon fiber in the interior fabrics, which is more for looks). That’s what makes it so special, the fibers have certain strengths, as does the plastic polymer. But combine them, and they minimize each other’s weaknesses. It’s the same as fiberglass, but instead of glass fibers, they are carbon strands. We don’t call fiberglass, “glass fiber reinforced plastic” or “GFRP,” so I am not sure of the need for the added complexity here.

      • Tumbi Mtika

        But…It sells. Because automotive ignorance is a REAL thing.

  • Callanish

    So, you could get two brand new i8’s rather than a 4 year old car that everyone will think is just a regular M3, and you have only 2500 permitted road miles a year to work with.

    Destined to end up in some rich ‘more money than sense’ collectors possession for pointless bragging rights.

    • Einstein

      “Just a regular M3…?”. I think most auto enthusiasts including me wouldn’t mind having “just a regular M3…”.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      You could get a nice Huracan. Or GTR Nismo. Or 488. Or 650S. Or GT3 RS. Or Turbo S. Or several NSXs. Or R8. Or GT350R. Or DB11. Or Vantage. Or several SW20 turbos. Or several AW11 superchargeds. Or several ZL1s. Or several CTS-Vs. Or several Z06s. Or several M2s. Or several Giulia QVs. Or several S2000s. Or several Foci RS. Or several Mustang GTs. Or a Viper. Or a 22B. Or several GT4s. Or…

  • Honda NSX-R


  • Tex

    If it were not my money, of course I would blow them on this car. No….wait a minute, on second thought I would not.

  • Kaisuke971

    Absolutely, this car is one of the best sedans ever built period. A titanium exhaust, carbon fiber body panels, carbon fiber bucket seats a dual clutch gearbox and a 4.4l NA high revving V8 in a 3 Series ? Absolute madness.

    It’s a work of art, not many people can appreciate this unicorn.

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