Police Cruiser Runs Red Light, Flips Over After Motorist Crashes Into It

A police cruiser was T-boned by another vehicle while responding to a motorcycle accident, in Altoona, Pennsylvania, earlier this month.

The video shows officer Julie Kelleher driving a 2014 Ford Explorer on Sixth Avenue, with the emergency lights and siren on, traveling at 79mph (127km/h), reports WJACTV.

Just as she approached the intersection with Eighth Street, the officer ran a red light and didn’t slow down to make sure that it was clear, moments before a 2009 Pontiac struck it and made it flip over. During the accident, Kelleher sustained minor injuries.

The initial police report said that the Pontiac driver, identified as 27-year old John McConnell, entered the intersection just as the light turned yellow. McConnell and his attorney denied it, however, and requested the dashcam footage of the incident from the Altoona Police Department.

Their initial request was denied, though, and the police only made it public when the Altoona Mayor, Matt Pacifico, contacted them to do so, to “ensure that our city demonstrates transparency and openness”. The footage shows clearly that the patrol officer run a red light, vindicating McConnell and proving that the initial police report was false.


  • Felix Le Forestier

    Crossing an intersection at only 127km/h to arrive first at a motorcycle accident. Totally worth it

    • Jay

      Yup its a shame to this day they still lie and cover for each other.

    • BGM

      Well put. Basically cause an accident on your way to another. I hate people that see emergency vehicles and don’t stop / get out of the way BUT cop and firefighters must understand that a siren and lights does not equal immunity from reckless driving.

  • badcyclist

    Even if the guy had entered the intersection “just as the light turned yellow,” that is still perfectly legal. And yet they still felt that they had to lie and cover up and try to make something that is legal seem reckless, if not illegal. Not helping, cops.

    Their best argument would have been the obvious one– the guy should have noticed a cop with lights on sooner than he did.

    • KidRed

      Dude, the SUV was going 80mph!!!!

    • Maximilian Norlande Rabbitt

      No one can see through buildings. It’s no like there was an open field for either of them to glance through!

  • LeStori

    Police Department Head should be charged with perverting the course of Justice.
    Better to say oops made a mistake than making the Police department out as congenital liars.

    As for any argument that the non lying driver should have given way to the police vehicle which was speeding through the intersection I would say the following..
    1)A no point did the police vehicle appear to slow down entering a dangerous situation
    2) the other driver braked when they realised there was a vehicle was running the red lights other wise they would have been T-boned. They did see the Police vehicle and acted accordingly.
    3) Sirens may or may not be heard in a vehicle especially if a radio is playing music. Lights cannot be seen during the day and sirens may or may not appear to be emanating in an are near you.
    4) no one has the right to cause an accident. A police siren and lights are a warning to others to give way. They do not suddenly stop you from have a collision if you do not engage your brain and drive to the conditions. Only a low IQ person would believe otherwise.

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      Yeah, the officer is at fault. Driving at that speed on a two lane road is asking for an accident. They should have slowed down when they came to the intersection. The other person tried to stop in time but could not react in time to the cops rates of speed.

  • brn

    Who’s the idiot that walked across the street, in front of the speeding police car? He/she doesn’t have an excuse.

    Cop should have ensured the intersection was safe.

  • eb110americana

    At least she had her lights/siren on. I have lost track of the times I see police driving like maniacs without any kind of warning for law abiding citizens. I doubt they are even responding to any emergency most of the time, they just enjoy being “above the law,” even if it puts others at risk, which is a shame. Just today, a motorcycle officer passed my truck going so fast in the opposite direction, that my truck swayed like bigrig passed it. This on a residential street with 35mph limits. He must have been going at least 60, and I would not be surprised if it were closer to 100.

  • Matthijs

    And like that your whole name is across the news. Is there no kind of privacy there in the US?

    • willhaven

      Do you know what my name is?

  • Infinite1

    I like how the Police department try to point the blame to the other driver. In retrospect, I lost count of how many times other motorists try to beat emergency responders when they hear and clearly see them driving towards an emergency. This isn’t the case though.

  • KidRed

    “…proving that the initial police report was false.” So given the past 2-3 years, Police lying on reports seems to be a common thread. Do they face any type of disciplinarian actions for lying and falsely blaming others?

  • He should have slowed down a bit….!!!

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