PSA Slow To Catch Up, Planning Level 3 Autonomous Cars After 2020

While the PSA Group is committed to developing Level 3 “hands off” autonomous vehicles, it will happen while other automakers suggest they will move directly to Levels 4 and 5.

One of the main issues with Level 3 is the handoff time needed for the vehicle to relinquish control back to the driver. PSA has already tested a self-driving car in order to see if the driver is able to take back control in diverse circumstances, with positive results.

According to PSA exec, Cedric Vivien, the company will continue their plans for Level 3 features, while also learning “from our customers to improve the systems in the future.”

In the near future though, it will be the new DS7 Crossback that will allow buyers to enjoy Level 2 autonomous features such as Connected Pilot, which monitors the car’s position within its lane, as well as the DS Park Pilot.

Level 3 “hands off” systems will arrive on PSA Group cars only after 2020, followed by Level 4 (mind off) and Level 5 (driverless), both after 2025. Until then, the French company will continue testing prototypes like the autonomous Peugeot 3008 crossovers driving around Singapore.

As for liability, that’s just one of the pressing issues for the PSA Group, who is taking a measured approach saying they support efforts by UNECE to develop a “black box” data recorder that could determine who was in control of the car at the time of an accident, as reported by Autonews.

Rival automakers such as Volvo have gone in a separate direction, stating they will take full responsibility in such scenarios.


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