Sitting “Too Low” In A BMW M Car Could Lead To Awkward Situations

BMW’s M division has been on a roll recently, churning out multiple new commercials with a focus on humor.

This one is called ‘Crosswalk Crisis’ and it looks even more cheeky than the one where the dad wouldn’t let his son get in the car, accelerating every time the little fella tried to grab hold of the door handle.

Of course, then there was the one where the M4 GTS was a bit too uncomfortable for the mother-in-law, who decided to pop at some point between the race track and Sunday lunch.

In this spot, we have BMW M touching on the fact that when you’re sitting low in traffic inside your M4, your visual perspective on things can become a little hindered by the angle at which you’re at.

The whole point of sitting low is that it offers better control over the car at speed, especially if you get your knees and elbows to where they should be.