Stripped-Out Tesla Model S P100D Rules The Streets

For some reason, drivers of extensively modified road-legal performance cars still think they can out-sprint a Model S P100D in a straight line. The owner of this Tesla is out to prove them wrong.

Owned by a popular YouTuber, this Model S P100D includes Ludicrous Plus and is potentially the quickest Tesla on the planet. Although its electric motors and batteries remain stock, the electric sedan’s interior has been completely stripped out and features nothing more than a couple of lightweight racing seats, a dashboard, steering wheel and that huge central touchscreen.

According to the owner, it probably weighs about 4,400 lbs (1,995 kg), meaning over 500 pounds has been shed by simply removing anything that hurts acceleration. The resulting Tesla is no longer comfortable enough to be driven on a daily basis, but it’s more than capable of embarrassing pretty much every other car on the road, including an upgraded Nissan GT-R.