2017 Chevy Bolt Review Shows Why It Didn’t Break The Internet

With an excellent base price and an impressive 238 miles (383 km) of all-electric range, one would think that people would be falling over themselves in order to purchase a Chevrolet Bolt.

Alas, that hasn’t been the case. Plus, with the arrival of Tesla’s new Model 3, it’s very unlikely that the Bolt will get some type of “second wind” and start attracting customers in droves.

So what went wrong? Well, according to automotive journalist Doug DeMuro, the Bolt’s main problem is that big old emblem on its front grille. In other words, Chevrolet isn’t nearly as trendy as Tesla when it comes to electric vehicles.

Still, a close look at its features shows that the Bolt is quite a clever little thing, easy to operate and configure via the central touchscreen display. There are a few quirks though, like the chime volume, the hatchback-mounted brake lights or the complex gear selector, which is actually very similar to how BMW does it.

On the road, DeMuro found the Bolt to be surprisingly fast, with decent handling and visibility. In the end, he went as far as to call it “really, really, really competent”.



    no wonder never sold in RHD markets

    • Mind Synthetic

      they do actually, opel ampera

      • Joe Langan

        They don’t sell the Opel Ampera-E in RHD

        • Mind Synthetic

          ah right you guys don’t have opel. my bad

          • Joe Langan

            We have RHD Opels in Ireland, it’s just the Bolt/Ampera-E aren’t made in right-hand-drive 😒

  • Blade t

    If the styling was more exciting it would of helped….

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Seems like it was designed to be a more affordable and longer range alternative to the i3.
      Goes to show maybe if the i3 was cheaper it still wouldn’t sell any more?
      I dunno

  • KidRed

    Can you turn off that tailgating beep!?!?! I’d grow tired of that with 10 minutes as highway traffic almost requires tailgating.

    • brn

      In general those functions are configurable.

  • KidRed

    The Bolt went wrong because Chevy made it a small Mini-van looking family car, versus the sleek-ish Model 3. It also lacks the performance driving, sportiness, tiny narrow seats manual seats, etc.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      sleek-ish Model 3 = Chevy Volt

    • Me

      No, they made it look like a small, subcompact crossover to appeal to millenials and hipster families. They just don’t advertise and promote the car at all.

      The Model X is a minivan in form and technical aspects. Rides on the same platform as a sedan, has the same ride height as a minivan, has “sliding” rear doors, promoted for families with kids, can’t tow worth a crap, cannot go offroad, etc. What other vehicles fit that descript… hmmm. minivans. But Tesla markets it as some sort of an SUV and people believe it. In reality, it’s the least practical minivan you can buy with less cargo volume than a nissan leaf.

  • TheBelltower

    It’s a Chevy. I don’t think I could live with looking at that gross gold bowtie in front of me for a 100,000 miles. Then there’s the design. I can’t complain about a car with a quirky design, because I love oddball looking cars. But this looks like a Geo Metro with i3 bits glued onto it. Everything on the exterior is very conventional, and it has none of the cool factor that you get with the 3. Am I supposed to operate these horsey looking door handles like a common caveman? This is basically a very conventional car, made of metal, in a conventional GM facility, with no coolness to it at all. And good luck walking into a Chevy showroom and finding someone who knows anything about the Bolt.

    • Jason Miller

      The interior is hard plastic city as well.


    • brn

      Or anyone.

  • Jesse A. C. Majors

    Chevy should make electric vehicles an entirely new division to distance it away from the “ordinary” factor of owning a chevy. There’s nothing trendy or inspired by chevys. Their trucks are awesome but their cars are like a poor mans Lexus. You always feel a little less than even when paying a high price.

  • DJ

    $30k is still ALOT to spend on a car. So it should at least be attractive. This car (on the outside) is ugly and not in a cute way. at least the i3 (which is also ugly) has a quality interior. Just from this video, the driver side foot well looks like a gray plastic storage box. it is a shame because it could have been a game changer for GM. Instead its a. ” yeah yeah we can do electric cars. BUT hey how about a nice SUV. “

    • delphi23

      People buy tons of SUVs and they look as the Bolt does. Not everyone wants a sedan. The hatchback form factor gives more interior room.

  • JBsC6

    It’s not that ugly Gold Chevy bow tie which should be black now a days if GM had a brain….it’s the Eurocentric doorstop styling…

    Who looks at a Chevy bolt other than a greenie and says that car is something I have to own?

    The design is so space efficient …the passion of styling is totally lost.

    Tesla has this thing beat because non environmentalist have a desire to purchase the tesla for its good looks, its awd, its performance…and btw it happens to be electric…

    GM needs to quickly make a restyle on this excellent bolt platform that looks like a Porsche Macan or jaguar I pace cuv…out it either in the GMC lineup…(smartest move) or Buick…but put the dam tall narrow wheels on the dam thing give it a cuv like appearance and not a station wagon or tall hatch look as we see in the bolt…

    There is as much sex appeal or passion to own in this bolt as a pile of crap on the side of the road..

    • delphi23

      Not everyone wants sleek-styled sedans. Look at the massive amount of SUVs that are sold. The problem the Bolt has is that hatchback buyers are frugal and can get a better deal with an ICE engine right now.

  • delphi23

    All this “Bolt not pretty enough” talk is just hatchback vehicle versus sedan.

  • nacinla

    Liked it when I saw it at the LA car show — until I got inside. The interior is beyond cheap looking with that ugly plastic dash and the color options were horrible. I’ll wait to see if VW can get its electric hatch to a more practical drive range.

  • SteersUright

    People flock to Tesla because the cars are low, wide, dripping with tech, and thus very cool and desirable. This is the exact opposite. It is late to the game, looks like a small minivan, and offers proven tech with nothing incredibly new and exciting and all at a $30k+ price tag which is quite high for a car of this size. That said, Im sure its perfectly competent and makes much more sense with certain state incentives. But did it really have to look so appliance like? It exudes no real design excitement, no “wow” factor, nothing to make you run to a dealership to go look at one. Its a rational choice for a rational buyer if a rational lease price can be had, and thats just boring.

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