BMW X2 With Digital Camo Goes To Milan For Fashion Week

Even though BMW aren’t in a rush to unveil the X2, the newest member of the automaker’s X range has already started exploring the urban environment more and more.

We first saw the digi-camo X2 back in August, about a month before the Frankfurt Motor Show. Now, it’s roaming the streets of Milan, just in time for Fashion Week, taking place September 20th up until the 25th.

The car continues to be wrapped in a very creative manner, with tones of yellow, gray and black, all based on a digital model. Worth noting though that judging by its license plates, this isn’t the same exact car we saw last month. The wrap is a bit different too.

Nevertheless, according to BMW, everyone who saw the car in Milan this week took notice of its contemporary and sporty design. Remember, having this car in public means that people can see exactly what BMW intends to do for young, extroverted and active buyers moving forward – the X2 being aimed at that specific demographic.

If you happen to be in Milan this week, the automaker will gladly let you take pictures of the car. Just make sure to find your way to the most glamorous areas of the city.


  • Dennis James

    As usual, ugly headlights, and now the new stuff: Mercedes-inspired taillights (also to be found on the new X4).

    As for the rest…it’s a FWD-based platform, what more is to talk about ? It takes you from A to B in an expensive way.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      I wouldn’t despise the FWD bimmers. I have driven one with a 3 cyl no less and it shines.

  • matrem

    What is the point of this car? It has essentially the same proportions and dimensions as the X1.

    • Rocket

      It’s a “2” Series, indicating it’s a “coupe”, of course. Forget what your eyes are telling you – the numbers don’t lie.

      Following the path of its larger brethren, the X2 allows BMW to sell a less practical version of the X1 at a premium price. Sadly, it will work.

      • Andrewthecarguy

        Indeed, it will work.
        There are people who want the look but don’t need the practicality. It is the same as why a Challenger sometimes commands more than a Charger.

  • Andrewthecarguy

    Nicer looking than I thought it would turn out. Will sell well me thinks.

  • no25

    good thing they removed the BMW logos, or else it would’ve been so obvious what it is.

  • sidewaysspin

    Almost no ground clearance now it’s just an hatchback.

    • fabri99

      Well, it’s intended to be used as a hatchback. If a lower car means better performance, handling and comfort, than I have nothing to object, especially talking about a small CUV.

      • Dennis James

        Then how about just driving a hatchback ? 🙂

        • fabri99

          Some people just like the looks of a CUV. I myself would rather have a Mercedes GLA instead of the awful looking A-Class.

  • fabri99

    I don’t really get all the hate for this car. Many people just want their car to be a fashion item, something trendy. They don’t need practicality or performance and they are willing to sacrifice both for good looks. BMW would be stupid not to take part in this growing market. Making a small CUV doesn’t mean they won’t be making RWD coupes anymore.

    • SteersUright

      Nobody is arguing that BMW shouldn’t get in on the action, and they actually already have with the X1. The distaste for this one is that it resemble a Jeep Cherokee more than a the premium, handsome, BMW crossover it should be, especially given BMW’s fat margins and high prices. Essentially, its kinda ugly. And people dont tend to respond well to ugly, unless its cute-ugly, like those little troll dolls, which this is not.

  • SteersUright

    Doesn’t seem like this is going to be very good looking. The X1 has very nice proportions, this one looks all out of whack. The window lines are also ugly, with the upward canting taper. Overall, its a bit of GLA looking vehicle, another kinda-ugly, kinda-cheap-looking little crossover. I think BMW could’ve made this look more of a quality piece, a bit more handsome for sure.

  • Carenthusiast

    What’s happening with crossovers in this segment – XC40, Q2, T-Roc, X2 and they all have massive C pillars!!

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