Daimler-Backed Volocopter Surprises At Frankfurt

Shortly after Daimler announced it had invested in aviation startup Volocopter, the intriguing 18-rotor multicopter has been put on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Dubbed the 2X in production guise, the multicopter made its maiden crewed flight in April 2016 as a prototype. Thanks to the 18-rotor design, it looks unlike any other flying vehicle out there.

In June, Volocopter announced that it will begin testing the 2X as part of a flying taxi service later this year following a deal with Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority. The testing regime will last for five years and serve as a crucial tool to show the world the versatility of flying taxis.

Daimler has only been involved in the project for a brief time but it’s influence is already visible on the 2X with a sticker that reads ‘Inspired by EQ’, the name used for the upcoming EV family of Mercedes-Benz.



  • BobV12

    nice idea, i’d like to have a non-autonomous one

  • steve

    Can’t wait to see these flying over the Dubai skyline on my way to work, in the mornings!

  • SteersUright

    18 rotors, 30min flight time, only carries 2 people… A cool idea but those spec’s sorta suck. Why not just make an electric helicopter instead? Don’t really see any advantages this offers over other transport methods yet, outside of maybe safety due to rotor redundancy.

  • I don’t get it. What’s the point of having a bunch of little rotors instead one since they occupy the same space?

    • Status

      Because with one rotor, they’d need to have a tail rotor.

    • DR.FUNK

      There is safety in redundancy.

    • Astonman

      It might not be as loud.


    I love cars…but I truly hope this is the (near) future of personal transport.
    More importantly…I hope I get to live it.

  • Bash

    Is it a Drone, is it a Helicopter?….. its a Dronicopter.