RWD Kia Stinger Twin Turbo V6 Ticks A Surprising Amount Of Boxes

With the Stinger, Kia wants the world to know that they’re not just capable of making reliable everyday cars but also know how to build a proper performance sedan, complete with rear-wheel drive and a good amount of power to keep you smiling.

To make the Stinger a reality, Kia had to build it on the same, rear-driven platform with the upcoming Genesis G70 and dress it with an impressive-looking five-door liftback body that makes you look twice at the badge.

The range-topping version is powered by a twin-turbo 3.3-liter V6 with 365 hp and 376 lb-ft (494 Nm) of peak torque, mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. 0-62mph comes in 4.9 seconds while flat-out the Stinger will do 167mph (269km/h).

Kia plans to offer an optional all-wheel drive version as well but the Koreans haven’t announced yet if the extra grip will translate into better acceleration from the get-go.

All the right ingredients are there to make the new Kia Stinger a proper rival to established performance-oriented sedans but is it? Motor Trend investigates in their latest Ignition episode.


  • Craig

    I love it. I especially love the fact that it’s a HATCHBACK!! Maybe we’ll soon see more of them! That said… [and based on this one video] I’d like to see KIA stiffen up the suspension a bit. It is the sportiest version after all. AND change the computer settings so the transmission gears don’t change in manual mode. [Unless it’s bouncing against the rev limiter]

    • notthistimecobber

      It’s a lift back. A Golf is a hatchback.

      • Craig

        I believe ‘lift back’ is a word created by Toyota. I’ll stick with ‘hatchback’ thanks!

        • notthistimecobber

          Don’t believe everything you hear. Golf and the like have been “hatchbacks” since day 1 – this Kia Stinker is nothing like them.

          • Craig

            FACT IS…. the word ‘lift back’ was created by Toyota. The Stinger is a ‘hatchback’. Period.

          • notthistimecobber

            Ok…what ever you say. You’d be the only one who thinks Stinker is a “hatchback” like a Focus,Golf etc..

          • Craig

            Let me guess. Are you 12 years old?

          • notthistimecobber

            Guess what you like Champ..

          • Craig

            Thanks. You’re 12.

          • notthistimecobber

            And you are clearly a Trump supporter

          • Craig

            Only because the alternative is so incredibly fucking pathetic.

          • I love how we’ve gone from ‘Hactchback’ to ‘Trump’ in just a few sentences 🙂

          • Craig

            Amazing isn’t it. I’m surprised he didn’t accuse me of being ‘Hitler’.

  • U8INIT

    I wonder how many will choose this over the Charger…

    • John

      Stinger has 10/100 warranty on the PT.
      Stinger put smile on that dude’s face.
      love that sedan looking hatchback that doesn’t “slope down” like A7 or Arteon. I love hatchback (like Sicon Ct) not sure why people hate them… (wagon I can understand)
      kia intital quality ranked #1 in 2017 while Dodge ranked half way below average.

    • SgtBeavis

      If they cross shop it, then I think that number will be significant. However the Charger is a much larger vehicle.

      For me, the bigger question is how well will this car do in a world where the crossover has become king.

    • john1168

      I’ll pick it over the Charger.

  • john1168

    The review was ok. It kind of came across as a big advertisement. That being said, I seriously can’t wait for this car. I think it’s going to be my next car actually. This Stinger DOES check off a lot of boxes! To me it’s kind of a Swiss Army knife of cars. Sporty, fun to drive, decent performance, comfortable, good looking, lots of amenities, giant sunroof, lots of space, practical, available AWD, hatchback, reasonably affordable with initial purchase and over time, etc, etc…

    DARN IT KIA!!! What colors will it be available with in the USA???

  • alexxx

    Well done KIA…who would have thought couple of years back

  • notthistimecobber

    Unfortunately it’s still held back by the Kia branding/badge….Having a well built vehicle is only 1/3 of what’s required to sell well.

  • c3vzn

    I have this bad feeling it’s going to be a one generation car that won’t sell very well. Then Doug DeMunro will review it years later “Why the Kia Stinger is a performance bargain.”

    • SteersUright

      I’m rooting for them to succeed but you’re probably right. The thing is, this applies to all Luxury cars outside of Lexus with their high resale. Ever seen what happens to an S-class or 7-series’ value after a year or two?

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