Sure Alfa Romeo’s Stelvio Is Fun To Drive, But What’s It Like On The Boring Stuff?

The new Alfa Romeo Stelvio is the first modern SUV of the brand and one of the most intriguing entries in its segment but does it deliver?

Alfa Romeo makes sporty cars, everybody knows that, but in order to really gain some traction on the market, its models must tick a few more boxes as well. And in the case of the Stelvio, that means the practical stuff, like interior room, ride quality, luggage space etc.

While we wouldn’t expect it to beat the class leaders in these areas, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio actually does a good job at hosting up to five passengers and their luggage in relative ease.

Ok, the ride quality might be busier than that in some German rivals but apparently that’s the price you pay for the Stelvio’s class-leading handling character. The rear-biased all-wheel drive system also helps here, as it normally sends power only to the rear unless it detects loss of grip.

Carwow delivers their more practical-oriented verdict on the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio, so head over there for some useful consumer advice.


  • I’ve driven these a couple of times. I don’t find them as engaging as the Giulias. But they are perfectly fine.
    I think they should and WILL bring out a middle, goldilocks engine choice next year. So, wait and see.

  • Michelin

    I’m hoping to buy a diesel Stelvio when my Audi A4 will be tied.
    Good design, good handling, good performance.
    Inside quality is a lot better than old Alfas and reliability is good, against stereotyps of anglosaxon magazines.
    My son has a Giulietta 4 years and 90000 km. old without issues. Very good car.

    • Belthronding Tinuviel

      Good choice,both of you:)

  • Michelin

    I’m dreams and wants to buy a diesel Stelvio when my AudiA4 will be old.
    Good design, good handling and good performances. Inside is a lot better than previous Alfas and reliability of Alfas is good, against stereotips of anglosaxon magazines.
    My son has a Giulietta 4 year and 90000 km. old and is a very good car, no one single issue.


    stelvio is the best suv !!!

  • Ed Ward

    I’d rather wait for the Dodge version.

  • MG force.

  • SteersUright

    I think its a beautiful little SUV and I was very excited for it. That said, the reviews do not seem to be all that great which definitely is a letdown.