Wince As A Ferrari 250 GTO Crashes At Goodwood Revival

For many years, the Goodwood Revival in the UK has been the ultimate destination for owners of multi-million-dollar classics to hit the racetrack and leave their worries behind.

Unfortunately, the event has claimed a multitude of priceless exotics in crashes and during a qualifying race on Saturday, another automotive icon had an unfortunate run in with the crash barrier.

Video of the incident shows a rare 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO/64 Series II driven by Andy Newall approaching a right-hand bend at high speed. Newall was attempting to overtake a 250 LM just ahead of him but the LM braked mid-corner, forcing Newall to aggressively swerve around it and hit the grass. From there, he was simply a passenger in an out-of-control fortune.

There are just 3 250 GTOs of this kind from 1964 in existence and each one is easily worth eight figures. Despite the beating it took and the repairs that’ll be required, the owner is still bound to make a hefty profit whenever they decide to sell it.