Lada Niva Vs Rail Tracks In This Week’s Most Ridiculous Accident

The problem with your car having a “preexisting condition” that you either don’t know about or choose to ignore, is that Murphy’s Law is likely to come into effect sooner or later.

This footage, taken via a dashcam in Moscow, Russia, shows an old Lada Niva attempting to cross some railroad tracks with what appears to be a major rear axle issue.

Once the broken part made contact with the side of the rails, it almost ripped the entire rear axle clean off, leaving the Niva “for dead” in the middle of the road.

Now, we’ve seen people in the past trying to drive on broken rear axles, and it almost never ends up well. You can check out such a failed attempt right here.

So here’s hoping the driver of the Lada called a tow truck instead of trying to soldier on, putting himself and other motorists at risk.


  • Blade t

    Video gave me a good laugh….

  • LeStori

    He will not be Russian anywhere soon. Thanks for the laugh.


  • tkindred

    Someone please explain. Is their suspension hanging down too low?

    • Knotmyrealname

      I think it was his prop shaft that failed. It dropped at the front and acted like a pole vault against the rear differential.

  • AnklaX

    Looks more like a game glitch than real world accident

  • rover10

    One can’t fail to be impressed by the ease of travel afforded to those who demand only the best in motoring.


    poor niva

  • Dennis James

    Probably some rusted bolts holding the rear axle snapped.

  • Stephen G

    Obvious…U-joint failure on driveshaft. Not a “major rear axle failure”. Very dangerous but totally avoidable. This driver is what is wrong with car owners today…totally oblivious and ignorant to their surroundings.

    • bechrbotmdolr

      Agree, U-joint failure at the first bump.

  • Toss

    The shaft was allready on the road for a while, and the car was driven by the front wheels. Railroad was the point where the shaft get stuck and car jumps from the back.


    Seems like almost every crash or accident in Russia involves a Lada. Strange.

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