Lamborghini Looks Back On LM002 Two Months Before Urus Debuts [38 Pics+Video]

It’s been 25 years since Lamborghini stopped producing the insane LM002, with the company gearing up for the launch of the new Urus on December 4.

Now it appears to be a good time for Lamborghini to remind us of their craziest moments, letting the hype train begin its trip to early December, leading to the new Urus reveal.

Nicknamed the “Rambo Lambo”, the LM002 was a whole new beast for the Italian company, created out of a failed military project and powered by the 450hp 5.2-liter V12 out of a Countach, becoming the first Lamborghini with four-wheel drive.

The Lamborghini LM002 came with a full leather interior, air-conditioning, a high-end audio system mounted on a roof console and bespoke Pirelli Scorpion tires, designed to help this behemoth tackle ‘soft’ surfaces like sand. It’s a go-anywhere beast with a mythical appetite for gasoline, that’s why it also comes with a fuel tank that can hold 44.6 US gallons of liquid dinosaurs (169 liters).

Lamborghini took their own LM 002 out of their Museum, chassis no.12231 which was entirely restored by the Polo Storico division, reminding us that they were the first to offer a “super SUV”.

This legacy will continue with the new Urus, but we doubt that the world will meet again a vehicle as crazy as the original LM002.



  • Kaisuke971

    It’s cool that they’re showcasing the good old LM002, but all of this hype just to unveil what will probably just be another glorified Q7 with the overused 4.0 TFSI ?

  • Craig

    I always thought the LM002 was one of the coolest things ever made.

    • Merc1

      Yes it was. It’s a shame the new SUV from Lambo will another Q7 spinoff.



    better than hummer
    unfortunately the urus will be badge snobbed Q7 much like Bentayga last year

  • Merc1

    I would LOVE one of these.


  • Blade t

    Such a bad ass truck back then….

  • SteersUright

    Saw this as a kid and it was the coolest truck I had ever seen with what I thought were the biggest tires I had ever seen. What made this truly unique though, was that it ran the V12 from the Contach as well as those tires and insane ground clearance that made it look like it was ready to go Baja racing from the factory. I can’t imagine the new one will retain any of this, not the ground clearance, nor an n.a. V10 or V12, nor some crazy massive off-road tires. Thus, while I always enjoy watching the old Lambo SUV resurfacing and being put through it paces, I can’t imagine whats going to be exciting about their new one which will be little more than a Stelvio/Cayenne alternative?


    I loved the “visuals” of the LM002 ..still do. I gotta wonder why they did’nt just go with an “evolution” of that.

  • Ameer Hassan Tajaldeen

    rich people if you have some sense buy this one rather than the ridiculous new variant of the G wagon with the drop top.

  • europeon

    Uhm… they say in the movie that LM002 was the world’s first luxury SUV, but wasn’t that the Grand Wagoneer?