Limited-Edition Mini 1499 GT Pays Homage To An Icon

The wraps have just been taken off a new limited-edition Mini dubbed the 1499 GT.

Designed to pay homage to the classic 1275 GT, the car will be limited to just 1,499 units in the UK market. The automaker says just like the car that inspired it, the new 1499 GT is affordable, offers unique styling features and an “entertaining drive.”

Powering the Mini 1499 GT is a small-capacity Twin Power turbo three-cylinder engine with 102 hp, resulting in a 0-60 mph (96 km/h) sprint time of 10.1 seconds.

Visually, customers will be able to opt for Pepper White or Midnight Black paint. If Pepper White is selected, the car will feature distinctive black graphics. On the other hand, the Midnight Black paint is paired with gold side stripes.

All 1,499 units bound for the production line include black 17-inch alloy wheels, tinted windows, and clear indicator lenses. Additionally, the 1499 GT has John Cooper Works front and rear bumpers, side skirts, a small spoiler and bespoke door entry plates.

Final changes to the limited-run Mini include sports suspension, sports seats in Dinamica and leather, JCW badges, a JCW steering wheel with Chilli Red stitching, Piano Black trimmings, and Carbon Black interior details. There’s also an Anthracite headlining.


  • er, so they just added a body stripe and called it a historic edition??

    • Miknik

      Oh probably they also add numbers to the price tag 😉


    • Bash

      Exactly my thought.

  • SteersUright

    A 100hp Mini Cooper just isn’t relevant today. This is the wrong kind of tribute model to do in today’s auto marketplace. They’re already overpriced and underpowered in comparison to their competitors. Imagine that instead they partnered with Ferrari, let them tweak the engine and suspension of a Cooper S Italiano or something, getting power up to 250hp and 1g of cornering. It could be Mini’s answer to the “Type R” to compete with the Megane, real Civic Type R, etc.. And no, the JCW Cooper doesn’t count, it can’t hold a candle to those other two performance-wise.

    • Matt

      Ferrari collaborating on a Fiat 500 competitor made by a rival automaker to produce an Italian edition of the ‘ultimate British car’?

      That’s not right.

  • fmssssss

    Perhaps they should have gone the whole hog and named it 850 GT, to properly reflect the relative low power, that this one has and that the 850 had, as the baby of the original range.

  • Chris C

    At least they’re not forgetting their classic Mini roots entirely even if the latest Mini is a bit of a bloatmobile. Not sure how they can have JCW/Cooper bits on it given that the original 1275GT was a replacement for the Cooper since they couldn’t be bothered to pay royalties for the Cooper name any longer…

  • j60dnl

    I think this highlights how far from the original concept the MINI has traveled. The 1275GT didn’t need mad bodykits, air vents and massive alloys to make it a special car. This feels like a cheap cash in – stick the retro decals on and give it the GT moniker. There’s no feeling of history or cachet – it’s just a BMW wearing Mini inspired clothing and none of the heart and soul. At least the mk1 BMW Mini felt somewhat special, a fresh new take on a classic. It’s just become dull.

  • Nick099

    Show and no go.

    Big deal.