Russian Gals Have A Brush With Death

If you’re wondering why on earth somebody would cross the road and start looking the other way before even checking the only remaining lane, it probably means this sort of thing won’t ever happen to you.

This incident took place last weekend in Novorossiysk, Russia, where these three elderly women demonstrated very little awareness. On top of it all, they were jaywalking.

The lady in front was the most unfortunate as she scraped the side of the van. Thankfully the vehicle didn’t hit her with the mirror and didn’t run over her feet, which is also a concern in a situation like this.

There’s no excuse for how irresponsible the three women were to cross the road the way they did, yet, it would have been nice to see the driver of the van pull over to at least check everyone was alright.

In the end, it all comes down to people surrounded by metal and airbags, and those with absolutely no protection at all. Both sides should watch out for the other.


  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    In Russia, van hit you!
    In fairness there didn’t look like there was a pedestrian crossing at the junction.

    • Marty

      True. Also a good reason to be extra careful when crossing.

  • fabri99

    You can’t get hit by a van if you hit the van first!

  • Bash

    Too much Vodka.

  • BlackPegasus

    This is yet another example of how someone else’s carelessness can negatively impact your life. If some idiot walked in front of me and I accidentally killed her I’d be emotionally wrecked for years.


    Ah, Russia, providing us endless hours of entertainment via dash cam footage.

  • Theo

    Good god! What is the deal with Russians? Is it illegal to have situational and spatial awareness and common sense over there?

    • smartacus

      And these are the dullards the media has been programming us to fear for many decades.

      Ruskies would have nuked themselves long ago (if they actually had any functioning ICBMs)

  • Ty

    The side mirror just missed her. it would’ve killed her for sure… lucky her.

  • brn

    Glad she survived, but Darwin was taking a nap that day.

  • Another one!!!