That’s What You Get For Smoking Next To Gas Pump In Bulgaria

Smoking directly next to a fuel pump is never a good idea and if you do it, you probably deserve a Darwin Award.

In Bulgaria recently, the passenger of an Opel Astra thought it’d be alright to continue smoking as he pulled up next to a pump. Before long, security camera footage shows a gas station worker coming into view, desperately trying to convince the man to stop smoking.

However, a Carscoops reader tells us that the passenger refused, prompting the worker to unhook a fire extinguisher and spray the passenger to avert a catastrophe.

Despite the worker potentially saving his life, the smoker doesn’t seem all that happy with the worker’s actions, getting into a fierce argument with him shortly after.

Local media publications swiftly caught on to the story with Zapernik reporting that police have launched an investigation into the incident.


  • salamOOn

    the prick needs to be charged with public endangerment

  • Status

    I’d do the same thing if the guy was vaping.

  • KSegg

    In Bulgaria, extinguisher smokes you.

  • Erzhik

    Good. Should’ve unloaded that entire extinguisher into them and then go for a second one.

  • Christian Wimmer

    I live in Munich and it’s mind-blowing how many FRIGGING MORONS will smoke at a gas station.

    Just the other night I was filling up my car when three cigarette-smoking teenage girls walked past me and my car (just as I was grabbing the gas pump handle about to fuel up my ride) towards the gas station shop where they continued to smoke for a few more minutes, then throw their cigarettes on the floor and then walked inside the shop, presumably to purchase more cancer sticks.

    A few months ago I remember one guy filling up his car in front of me and while he was waiting for his car to fill up and lit himself a cigarette. I meant WTF!? *Facepalm*

    Guess that stuff really is addicting…

    • LWOAP

      It is and the habit is really hard to kick as well. I’ve been around enough smokers to know I will never do it myself.

  • Joff



  • Vassilis


  • Peter

    That car is totaled. The powder destroys anything electric in it.

    But well deserved 🙂

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