Bollinger B1 All-Electric SUV Drops By LA Auto Show

If your idea of an off-roader is something utilitarian and rugged-looking, and you’re also inclined to ditch the good old internal combustion engine, EV start-up Bollinger has something you may want to see.

It’s called the B1 and it was first unveiled this past summer at the Classic Car Club of Manhattan. Naturally, as the world’s first “all-electric, all-wheel drive, off/on road sport utility truck”, the B1 couldn’t have skipped this year’s LA Auto Show.

As you can see from just looking at it, the B1 is completely unlike any other utilitarian EV you could buy today or in the near future – like say the Tesla Model X, or their upcoming EV pickup.

Available with either 60kWh or 100kWh battery packs, the B1 can offer a range that varies between 120 and 200 miles (193 km and 321 km). Its total output is 360 HP and 472 lb-ft (640 Nm) of torque, which allow for a 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) acceleration time of 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 127 mph (204 km/h).

You can also use it to tow no fewer than 6,100 lbs (2.76 tonnes), and when you’re done, you can recharge its 60kWh battery in as little as 45 minutes if you’re using a fast charger (7 hours otherwise). The 100 kWh battery takes either 12 hours or 75 minutes on a fast charger.

Last month, the EV-maker said that it had already secured over 10,000 reservations for the B1, while the plan is to begin deliveries by February 2019.


  • Six_Tymes

    can we make a vehicle that looks like a box, yet has the look of a military vehicle? yes! how about house huge battery packs and weight almost 3 tonnes? Oh YES!

    • Mill0048

      The Bollinger press release says it only weights 3900 lbs but it can tow 3 tons. That’s lighter than a 340i xDrive GT.

  • Box expert

    Do they know that a boxy car doesn’t necessarily have to look like an actual box?

    • BobV12

      It is boxier than a box

  • Hipster Bear Grylls

    So I buy one and go running off into the wilderness hundreds of miles from civilisation amongst the trees, animals and all that nature has to give and my battery runs out of juice……………now what???

    Great for your urban hipster douche but practicality, zero.

    • Status

      Well you’d be just as stupid as someone with a ICE off-road vehicle that drove out into the middle of nowhere and ran out of gas, but never once looked at the fuel gauge.

      You and urban hipster douche have a lot in common.

  • Mill0048

    I like it. Not every vehicle needs to be all things to all people. It has simple design and functionality for those that want it. There’s enough SUVs to pick from if you want luxury or conventional looks.

  • Blackwater

    This thing doesn’t appear to have airbags. How exactly is that supposed to work?

    Is this thing off-road only?