Chris Harris Can’t Get Excited About The Tesla Model S P100D

Our favorite Top Gear presenter finally gets a go in Tesla’s Model S P100D, giving us some of his thoughts on arguably one of the most hyped automobiles out there.

It’s easy to understand why the Model S P100D created such a huge ripple effect in the automotive scene, as it’s basically a long-range electric vehicle that can accelerate faster than almost anything in the market right now.

It’s also a really good road car, offering plenty of room for five or seven passengers and their luggage as well as tons of grip and near-silent comfort, not to mention that it’s supported by the most complete charging infrastructure out there.

Despite all the amazing credentials Tesla’s ultra-fast Model S comes with, and unlike other reviewers, Harris wasn’t that impressed by it and makes some very interesting observations, as you can see in the video that follows.


  • danno

    “unlike other reviewers, Harris wan’t that impressed by it”
    Yes, article misspelled “wan’t”
    I watched and thought he was actually impressed by it. Did reviewer watch the same video?

    • Mynameis Taylor

      I agree with you. I thought it was just me

  • DERP

    Sorry guys from CarScoops. Chris WAS very impressed.

    • Six Thousand Times

      But he was’t excited…as the headline correctly says.

  • Chris

    Article totally misrepresents the video – he was impressed and said so several times. Might be best to actually watch it before sitting down to type.

    • SteersUright

      Exactly right. And I think he nails it. Its a genuinely exciting car in some ways (acceleration, pure electric, big infotainment screen, surprisingly good ride/handling etc) but its also incredibly dull to look at and aside from that cool infotainment screen, the interior is rather austere and boring without many impressive finishing details.

      • Chris

        I like the stark and minimalist approach to the interior – far prefer it to the coal holes that Audi and BMW typically serve up. The trouble is that minimalism gives you nowhere to hide when it comes to material quality and fit and finish. Tesla aren’t quite there yet – but they might still get it right.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Harris did say he wasn’t excited by the Tesla.

      • LeStori

        And likely to induce a technicolour yawn in passengers (vomit)

  • Six_Tymes

    nice to see Chris Harris finally review the S, and he waited for the proper time to do so.
    “I had an aunt like that once…” that part was funny!
    back to the review. so, what is it that causes the passengers to feel motion sick? Is it the weight of the batteries that causes the suspension to over work when the car is on bumpy roads? I think yes.
    I still wonder what company will solve the issue of batteries lack of efficiency, as compared to combustion. the first electric car was invented in the late 1800’s and batteries really have not come along way. lithium, yes yes, but over all, where is the break through in efficiency? Maybe the up coming solid-state tech?

    • Nick099

      I agree. Electrics are not ready for prime time. They conceal their environmental dirt by pushing it further up the manufacturing chain. Hence every yackety-yack calling them “green”…as if there ever was such a thing.

      A few years back I was at a museum that had several electric cars from the turn of the last century; top speed +/-25 mph ( which was about the same as the gas counterparts) with +/-40 miles range.
      We have not progressed that much in energy storage.There are a couple of new technologies that look promising, solid state and liquid battery electrodes.

      • Silimarina

        Actually EV’s are green. They reduce the air pollution in cities, where the majority of world population live.

        • Nick099

          Nice thought, but that is not how it works. Nature is not a closed system or bubble. Also it’s the totality that matters not just certain areas. But you are illustrating my point.

          • Silimarina

            What???Than how come you see smog only in cities?EV’s will reduce deaths due to air pollution

    • Six Thousand Times

      It’s hard to get the suspension right on a car that heavy. That’s big American cars used to float and wallow. The Tesla is a lot more stiffly sprung and if all of your driving was at city speeds, you might never notice.

    • Electric engines are 3 times more efficient than internal combustion engines. If you convert the energy used by an electric car for moving the car compared to petrol or diesel cars they use a fraction. The only two problems with electric cars currently are the range (not really for the big battery packs…) and the charge time (also not a problem with the new 350 kW ultra-fast chargers). Just give it 5 more years until the charger network is built. However it’s a myth that the ICE cars are efficient, they use max. 30% of the energy for moving the car, the rest is mostly heat. Electric cars on the other hand can use 90+% of the energy.

  • To be fair, the other car manufacturers have close to 100 years of engineering behind their cars…the fact that Tesla has been able to build a spectacular car like this and in such a short time frame is incredible…as time goes by they will improve the riding and handling characteristics, as well as interior quality…Chris said he was impressed by this car several times in the video…personally this isn’t the car for me, but I am glad it’s out there because it’s pushing the envelope of what is possible for EVs and transportation…

    • Six_Tymes


    • Nick099

      While I am all for entrepreneurship, I am against tax-payer funded product…which is what Tesla is.
      As a result, the company has not grown organically but artificially. Now analysts are concerned about a serious manufacturing and cash flow wall about to hit in 5 months.

      • Silimarina

        Well those tax payers money created new jobs and more wealth. It’s not like this is something new. And Tesla is not the only car manufacturer that is/was funded by tax-payers. How many billions did GM and Ford recieve?Much more than Tesla.Don’t understand why everybody, (Trump voters especially) pick on Tesla, and ignore GM and Ford.

        • Nick099

          Taking tax money to put into private industry does not make new wealth that benefits the taxpayer. It is a arbitrary taking and redistribution. Just because it is “not new” does not make it correct or right. Which leads to GM… they went bankrupt due to financial collapse… banks froze sending thanks to years of political/government interference. But that still does not make what happened with GM right. Ford did not take taxpayer money. It was Chrysler sold to FIAT for a song….with taxpayer monies. They opened a nice factory in southern Italy shortly thereafter. Building Jeeps in China. Yep, worked out great.

          • Silimarina

            “Taking tax money to put into private industry does not make new wealth that benefits the taxpayer.” What?You need to learn some economy
            “Ford did not take taxpayer money” again, what?How about 5.9 billion

          • Jamo

            If your taking money from people who have no choice in the matter, then give it to a private industry. Is it still private industry? As in capitalism? Will it be successful if its a shitty product like so many others subsidized by tax payers? …NO. Any time the government chooses winners and losers, it doesnt work. And a socialized economy is not utopia. The free market is the best system of economics that exists, as history will show ( if and when you read about it). Your just another bernie sanders supporter defending his crackpot ideas. There is no evidence of success with your theories. You probably hate Milton Friedman. Enjoy the next 7 years 🙂

          • Silimarina

            It’s called investments.They(Tesla, GM, etc.) need to pay back.And Tesla payed back the $465 mil. loan ahead of time and with interest.Adding to this the jobs created and the taxes that Tesla is and will pay it’s a win for the economy, that will reflect in the wealth of the citizens.But i don’t think you will understand that.I mean you voted with Trump.That says a lot.
            What gov. loans and subsidies has to do with free market?
            I’m not a US citizen, so no, i’m not a Bernie Sanders supporter.
            I’m not against capitalism, if that what you implied with Milton Friedman.
            7 years?LOL!Even some people that voted with Trump will not vote with him again.So, 3 years?
            “Your just another…” – i think is you’re just…

            PS. go back to school!

          • Jamo

            Im sorry, but the government should not be investing taxpayer money. Why should a taxpayer pay for the development of a consumer product they cannot afford? Government Subsidies screw up the free market. GM did not pay back the loans, nor did many others. I used to work for GM. The model 3 is so far behind schedule, that the big oems will have many better options by the time it comes out. Also, I don’t need to go back to school for a masters degree.

          • Silimarina

            Yes gov should invest money.Do you think that a gov. only income is taxes?In taxpayer there are also included companies that pay taxes and rich peoples, not only the average people.So you have Model S and X for people with money (that also pay taxes) and Model 3 for the average joe that pay taxes.Model 3 is behind schedule, but they will soon start to deliver the first cars.Actually as far as i know GM payed back moast of the loan

      • Ok, I understand that, however government has always made decisions that favor certain types of investments because it is in the strategic interest of the country…we no longer want to fight trillion dollar wars in the ME to secure oil…also, one of the biggest tax paper subsides is the mortgage interest deduction, would you be in favor of eliminating that? This deduction is one of the biggest subsidies to the real estate industry…governments always have a hand in choosing winners and losers because it is what the voters want…inconvenient but true…

        • Nick099

          Yes, get rid of it. Keep taxation low and you will never need it. Deductions are the result of powerful interests gaming the system in areas we cannot see. Also I believe in money spent on research for national security and public good…not financing product. Think about it, $100 billion of our wealth to China to build windmills. The CDC only gets $5 billion for cancer and other research. Then energy storage. We got good stuff coming out of MIT. How much better result could we get with more money on research? Just saying…

          • I agree with you, however there are secret players in government, media and industry that are powerful and like the status quo…ironically I work in research and work with some of the most brilliant scientists in the world doing research on cutting edge medicine…yes there have been finding cuts and it’s tragic that these scientists have to do so much work fundraising and not spend enough time on research…

      • Victor DB_2017

        this what tax $$$ is supposed to do..not fund wars

        • Nick099

          You never really know what a bureaucrat is doing with our money. So complaining about one issue when it is a systemic problem is like complaining about pollution only in cities. Using public funds directly for private jobs is a loser. The math does not work. Want an example? One word…Spain. $80k tax dollars spent for every $50k job.

  • B.Stokes

    Drove a P90D for 2 weeks. Fantastic as a daily driver but for a petrol head you definitely want to own 2 cars and pair it with something else. Tesla was simple, quiet, relaxing, and stupid quick. I like the whole minimalist thing from the design to not much maintenance and moving parts. You can just get in and go.

    It also handled well for a big car. On par with any BMW sport package. The problem is that it has supercar acceleration but doesn’t have supercar breaks or suspension so they seemed overwhelmed. The interior quality is shit too for the price.

    If I could only own 1 car at that price range I’d probably go for an S-Class or Panamera having driven the 2018 versions of those as well.

    • casho2015





      • Matt

        Model S has a seven-seat option by way of rear-facing seats in the boot/trunk.

      • Six Thousand Times

        The S has a 7-seat option and watch the name-calling if you don’t know what you’re on about.

          OH WELL.

  • alemaomazda

    Each car fuel has its haters and lovers. So does electricity. But the main reason for talking about mass-consumption EV cars today, is the very existence of Tesla. From non existence straight to battle with established automakers. WoW. And Chris Harris one of the most famous automotive journalists(& racing driver) on the planet says several times ”I’m excited!’ on video, resulting a header like ”Chris Harris Can’t Get Excited About The Tesla Model S P100D”? I REST MY CASE…

    • Six Thousand Times

      He didn’t say he was excited. He said he was impressed. He actually said he wasn’t excited. Watch it again.

      • alemaomazda

        OK wrong word but meaning remains the same. The header is misleading or at least not accurate. What’s your point?

        • Six Thousand Times

          No, the headline actually quoted him, completely accurate and not the least bit misleading. Impressive and exciting are not even close to synonymous. That’s my point.

          • alemaomazda

            I guess my English sucks. Correct. Also Michael Karkafiris is not a liar. Correct again. BUT picking a negative phrase, as a sort of conclusion from a 13 min video that compliments on Tesla Model S is misleading. I like alot Chris Harris. A petrolhead guy who has virtually driven all supercars on planet earth is normal to miss all that fuss they make, but that should not be the header for this post in my(?) opinion.

          • Six Thousand Times

            I’ll give you that the headline did come with a negative implication. Carscoops could’ve gone with Chris Harris is impressed by, but not excited about, the Tesla Model S P100D.

  • Morten Krogh

    Funny how people refer the Tesla to be a one-trick pony….I feel it has a lot of ponies and tricks. No poison emission, It can be 7-seats and a cargospace of 900 liter (almost double of a BMW 5 estate), the best autopilot so far, incredible traction on snow and slippery roads, integrated Spotify, OTA SW updates, by far the best charging network in the world but also every morning the fuel tank is full. And poweroutlets/charging stations are everywhere and free/cheap. Last summer we drove 4000km in Europe and it costed 4 euro in fuel…and in where I live I have free parking, free tollroads, access to buslane etc. A lot of tricks if u ask me.


    proper petrolheads be like : wait until clarkson reviews one

    • Shobin Drogan

      “Proper petrolheads” know Harris is five times the auto journalist Clarkson will ever be.

  • benT

    “…..Chris Harris Can’t Get Excited About …..

    he CAN get stuffed.

  • Kagan

    Quit as an s class, I don’t know the models 2 years ago wasn’t. It is not the engine that makes the noise in modern cars, it is the tyres and wind.

    Actually it does not weigh much more than a compareble petrol car like E63AMGs.

    A Porsche 911 turbo whould beat it earlier maybe close to 0 100 miles. The problem is you can only get the performance one in a time with the tesla then you have to wait a long time before next one.

  • nauticalone

    Enjoyed this review here – more objective than many out there.

  • Bob White

    He looked pretty excited to me.

    • Six Thousand Times

      He kinda always does. That’s why I want to watch him review an average Hyundai CUV whilst navigating city traffic at rush hour.

  • botornot387

    I completely agree with his take. I admire what the vehicle can do, but it does nothing for me. And that interior is cheap to be at that price point. Tesla has upgraded the materials but sit in a competitive car like a Panamera and you won’t wanna go back. I do love the almost humorous approach to getting into ludicrous mode with the jump to hyper speed a la Star Wars

  • LOL sure it’s the car making his passengers sick… not his driving.

  • bonzomatic

    I think the headline is a little misleading too. Regardless I’m more disappointed that he didn’t take it out on the track like he does with just about every other car.

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