Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Wipes The Floor With Challenger Hellcat

When the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat was released, it quickly became the king of the drag strip, frequently out-accelerating much more expensive sports cars and supercars. Soon, high-performance versions of the Tesla Model S came along and the Hellcat’s reign was over.

Fast forward to the end of 2017 and it is no longer the sleek, two-door Challenger Hellcat that is the quickest vehicle in the FCA family. As a matter of fact, the Hellcat has now been surpassed not just by the Demon, but also the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

Powering both the Challenger Hellcat and the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine delivering 707 hp.

However, whereas the Hellcat struggles to put all that muscle to the ground, the all-wheel drive system of the Trackhawk makes it far superior in a straight line. To show just how big the performance gap is, Hennessey Performance pitted the duo together and the Trackhawk left the Hellcat Widebody in its wake.

While Hellcat owners may be disgruntled that a Jeep is significantly quicker than their muscle car, SUV enthusiasts will be enthusiastically celebrating. We wouldn’t blame either of them.


  • Craig

    Oh how I LOVE that Trackhawk. Just goes to show you the advantages of AWD. Challenger… you KNOW what you have to do.

    • botornot387

      Preach. I like a good RWD car, but when you get to this power level, its unusable. AWD if done right makes a beast!

    • Eric Morse

      Piece of crap. I just went to pick mine up on wednesday and had to bring it back within miles of leaving dealer.Still in the shop and they have no clue what is wrong with it. 100k custom order about to be cancelled.

      • Craig

        I’m sorry to hear that. But I doubt your experience will be typical. What’s unfortunate is that it’s the clueless mechanics that give many cars a bad reputation.

        • Eric Morse

          Giving them until Wednesday. So fsr 3 mechanics and the service manager cant figure it out. They have a mopar troubkeshooting specialist coming in to try and figure it out. Which makes me doubt even wanting the car at all.

          • Craig

            I had a similar problem with a Lexus LS400 I once owned. No one could figure out why it felt like it was towing a boat. [The car jerked at city and highway speeds – feeling a lot like it was being pulled back – as if it was towing something] After many trips to the dealer and many replaced parts – they brought in a troubleshooting specialist who drove it for 20 minutes and came back with, “It’s the torque converter.” Problem solved. [Or at least ‘figured out’] Unfortunately for me – the warranty had expired so I did bother to have it replaced. I just couldn’t afford to do so.

          • Eric Morse

            So they found the source of the noise, but also found that the struts are already leaking. Not looking like these are well built. Also, I still dont have the car, the struts are back ordered and the car has gotten several small scratches while at the dealers shop.

  • haudit

    The Trackhawk, Hellcat and Demon are the kind of inspired lunacy that breathes new life into ossified old platforms. I’d love to see an 840-horsepower version of the Trackhawk.

  • Dennis James

    Now take the first corner…

    • LWOAP

      That hardly seems fair. lol

  • nastinupe

    Hence why all of my vehicles are AWD.

  • GobbleUp

    Next time use the gas pedal in the Hellcat.

    • brn

      I can accept that the trackhawk has a solid advantage off the line, but I agree. It seems like the hellcat didn’t give it it’s all. Something is fishy here.

  • LJ

    The “honk” method of starting a drag race is terrible, as it gives the honker an advantage of knowing exactly when the “go” honk will be. In any drag race using that method, the honker always takes off a fraction of a second sooner.

    Having said that, the TrackHawk is a beast and that launch is incredible.

    The Hellcat does start to reel it in, however, once it gets its footing.

  • Eric Morse

    Went to pick up my Trackhawk last week. Made it a few miles away from dealer and had to go back. It has been there since without anyone being able to figure out what the loud rattling is under the driver side front wheel well. 100k piece of trash. Waited almost 5 months for a car that I am now likely to refuse taking.

  • Eric Morse

    I highly recommend that no one buy this truck! Dont be suckered into it like I was. Day one it went back to dealer for unknown noises that took a week and a mopar specialist to fix. While fixing it they noted the left strut was leaking (50 miles on car). The strut is on back order with no known due date. I get the jeep back and a week later the dealer calls me and tells me there is a fuel line jumper recall and that the car is not safe to drive! Back ordered parts not expected to arrive until sometime by March 30th. I now have a 100k jeep sitting for the next several weeks or months. Piece of garbage.

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