Next-Gen BMW M3 And M4 May Get Around 475 HP

Both the Mercedes-AMG C63 S and Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio have over 500 hp but when it’s time to introduce the next-generation M3 and M4, BMW won’t engage in a horsepower war with its rivals.

BMW Blog asserts that the next M3 and M4 duo will continue to use a 3.0-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder engine but the powertrain will now be dubbed the S58. Thanks to a host of modifications, power is expected to rise from 425 hp in base specification to between 470 and 475 hp. It is thought that the S58 engine will debut in the X3 M and X4 M before being introduced in the M3 and M4.

If these rumors prove accurate, they would differ from previous claims that the next-generation M3 would use a 48-volt electrical system and a small electric motor mated between the engine and transmission.

Beyond its new and improved engine, the next M3 and M4 siblings will ride on the carmaker’s CLAR platform. As such, the duo should weigh around 88 lbs (40 kg) less than their predecessors.

Of course, the next-gen 3-Series and 4-Series will be sold in a plethora of other guises. One interesting addition to the range will be the 340i M Performance, reportedly being prepped as a rival to the Mercedes-AMG C43.


  • Six_Tymes

    and be lighter, better looking and same dimensions as an E46 i hope?

    ok ok, i know, that will never happen…

    • Shahul Usman

      yea…never ever lol…

      • KidRed

        That will never happen because the M3 has grown in size. You want the M2 Competition.

  • Shahul Usman

    In a world with the ATS-V, 500 plus HP C63 AMG’s and Alfa Giulia’s currently… that isnt enough unless they are massively lighter…which being based on passenger mass market cars, wont happen.. I liked the E30/36/36 and 90’s… but since then the M cars, minus the M2, have been let downs

    • I always believe that horsepower war is stupid and pointless, beside isn’t driving experience is what you looking for in this kind of cars? But yeah you can’t put claimed that says “better dynamics” in brochure, instead you put horsepower and 0-60 time.

      • Shahul Usman

        great screen name btw Archer.. I agree, the way a car drives means more.. and people buy based on hp and 0-60 claims..see Tesla.. but i also dont think this past M4 was great either.. although I think the new comp pkg fix a lot that was wrong.. problem is the C63 is more fun (raw, loud and slidey) and the Alfa is fast and italian

        • Thank you, hopefully can start my own blog with that name.

          Yeah Tesla has pretty much become the main headline because of 0-60 time, but is it actually good to drive? As a luxury car maybe but not as a sports car.

          And I actually agree with all your opinion, C63 has actually not a raw car anymore and become a rather refine macgine, with TG (magazine not the tv) and Evo actually praised it compare to M4. BMW has a lot to catch up and well Alfa is occupying role that C AMG used to.

  • rover10

    Surely, there must come a time when there’s little point in pursuing the pointless?

  • Bo Hanan

    BMW let Merc, Audi and others catch up. Now their M-Cars aren’t as special anymore. And this coming from an E39 M5 owner who longs for the days of real Motorsport cars.
    “CS” has become what “M” used to be. That’s sad. BMW should go back to setting the standard.

    • LWOAP

      I think the days of BMW setting the standard are long gone. You can only be the best but for so long before others beat you at your own game.

      • Six Thousand Times

        Unless you mean the sales standard. Or the all-round performance standard.

        • Bo Hanan

          All-round performance standard. BMW is following and reacting.
          Mercedes best cars are now. BMW’s last best car was the E90 M3.
          Everything after hasn’t been great.

          • Six Thousand Times

            The Cs with the big engines are fun if you aren’t paying for the tires. Every time any mag or website does a comparo, the M comes tops. Still.

  • Perscitus

    ^^ This exactly. Long gone are the days when this badge identified cars with soul.
    Not they (and all their competitors) are just soul-less tons of sheet metal with overly complex electronics,
    gizmos and gadgets that deprecate before the latest MYs hit the market, useless creature comforts for any/all target demographics, emissions satisfying systems that fail before the engines expiry dates, plastics galore and body/core component planned obsolescence built right in – all wrapped in a low power to weight ratio curb weight bloat.

  • Six Thousand Times

    But no “hybrid” so…woot!

  • smartacus

    if the announced 400, then 395, then 390, then 385, then 380, then 375, then 370, then finally 365HP M2 is any indication; that 475HP figure will be doing a walkback.

    • smartacus

      they prevented the M2 from stepping on the M3/M4’s toes.
      But the next M3/M4 will be limited to not step on the M5/M6’s toes

      • Bo Hanan

        BMW should have 600, 500, 400, 300 horse power ranges for the 8/7, 6/5, 4/3 and 2 respectively. You’re right! Their cars are stepping on each other.
        This should be a no brainer for BMW. Why the timidity???

      • LWOAP

        I think the M8 will replace the M6 but I’m not entirely sure.

        • Belthronding Tinuviel

          Yes,it will.

  • Vassilis

    The M3/4 needs to be a V8 car.

  • YUGE

    I prefer my 50 HP Yugo

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