The Next Toyota Supra Might Not Even Be Called ‘Supra’

We know that a next-generation Toyota Supra is edging closer to becoming a reality but according to the Japanese automaker, the sports car may not even be dubbed the ‘Supra’.

While at the LA Auto Show, group vice president and general manager of Toyota, Jack Hollis, revealed that the Supra name isn’t set in stone for the new vehicle.

“Yes, we have other ideas, and yes, the Supra name is in consideration.

“I think that there is some discussion because the heritage of Supra is so strong. The name decision will not be made until next year as well. There are some other candidates for some other reasons that are really pretty strong,” Hollis revealed to Auto Guide.

Hollis’s statements perhaps indicate that Toyota has some trepidations about using the Supra name for its new sports car, just in case it fails to live up to its predecessor.

Nevertheless, Hollis did say that the Supra name is a “leading candidate” and reiterated what we already suspected, the release date of the new sports car remains undetermined.

According to Hollis, Toyota has yet to even settle on a two-to-three-month window to unveil the car but did confirm that more information about the vehicle will be released in 2018.


  • enthusia

    i really hope this is the case. i always said that this car should be the new celica or a new name plate entirely. i hate to think that the new supra would share a platform with a bmw roadster; it needs a longer wheelbase. in my eyes, the LC 500 is the true successor to the supra.

    • Benjamin B.

      This is interesting … LC500 is pretty damn big though. Supra was closer to midsize.

      • Honda NSX-R

        LC 500 is the successor to the Soarer and Lexus SC.

    • Honda NSX-R

      LC 500 is the successor to the Soarer and Lexus SC.

  • Yalchin

    This is getting a bit long in the tooth by now isn’t it? How long have they been testing this car, I mean it will probably need a tech/appearance facelift by the time it reaches showrooms.

  • RS6 Performance Wagon Lover

    The Toyota ‘Bob’.

    • Bob

      That’s an epic name!

  • Six_Tymes

    I wouldn’t be Supraprised. If its not named Supra, then, that means they know its not as good and cant live up to the name. disappointing.

    • Eric

      See WTF’s comment above. There isn’t much of a name to live up to.

  • WTF

    Most of the Supra legend status is because of tuners not because the original car. The first 2 generations the Supra really wasn’t a sports car at all and its final generation sure it was fast for its time ONLY IN TURBO trim but it was also big, heavy and expensive. It also was never considered the benchmark sports car by any means its just nostalgia that people talk about the “stock” supra like its some kind of legendary car because it Never lived up to all the hype until became a tuner car and the base car was supra slow

    • Jay

      I’ve never thought about it how you put it but you’re absolutely correct.

    • Trackhacker

      You know what…that is 100% true. When I think about it….the Supra was not a good touge car, nor was it a good track car. In fact, even modified it’s still not that great in any of these categories except drag. I guess it is true….the tuners made the car legendary and the tuners made the car more rare in stock form so it’s why we all go crazy when we see a unmolested one.

      • khc

        I think we might also overvalue the Supra name because of how unlikely it now seems for such a car – even the base version, as relatively unremarkable as it may have been – to have come from the so-conservative (and struggling to be “un-boring”) Toyota Corporation we now have.


    • Andrew

      Actually the in stock form is very capable. Had the fastest 0-60 of all the 90s jdm sportscars and top speed, best brake for car until the carrera gt beat the record, had one of the best gforce skidpads. The Supra was the one slaying the competition in other countries. By far not the slowest one.

    • Andrew

      The Supra was in fact the fastest 0-60mph and top speed. Had the best brakes for years it held the record until the porsche carrera gt broke the record. In the corners it was pretty fast too, had the best skidpad times beating the rx7, corvette, 3000gt and so on. This is pretty fast for a grand tourer/sportscar.

  • RDS Alphard

    Size comparison,

    Supra Mk.1 – 4,615 x 1,651 x 1,290 x 2,629
    Supra Mk.2 – 4,661 x 1,720 x 1,321 x 2,614 (2.7L)
    Supra Mk.3 – 4,620 x 1,745 x 1,310 x 2,596 (3.0L)
    Supra Mk.4 – 4,515 x 1,811 x 1,265 x 2,550

    E36/7 Z3 – 4,026 x 1,740 x 1,265 x 2,459
    E85 Z4 – 4,090 x 1,780 x 1,300 x 2,495
    E89 Z4 – 4,239 x 1,790 x 1,291 x 2,496

    AE86 – 4,200 x 1,630 x 1,340 x 2,400
    GT86 – 4,240 x 1,775 x 1,285 x 2,570

    It’s not wrong about “Supra Mk.5” might eventually same size (or slightly bigger) as GT86 consider that’s how big the last generation of Z4 & I expect new one is barely bigger anyway… but I’m alright with “Supra Mk.5” being Z4 size due to how Supra Mk.4 was getting shorter on both overall length & wheelbase compare to the 3 generation before it, which make sense if “Supra Mk.5” is somewhat GT86 size.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Then it wouldn’t be the next Supra.

  • Infinite1

    If it’s trued that Toyota is thinking that the new Supra may not live up to it’s name and they’re contemplating on giving it a different name instead then it’s safe to assume that Toyota is going back on their word about “making fun cars again”.

    I’m not looking for a 500 + HP car like the GTR or the NSX, a 300 to 350 HP turbo engine will be fine as long as there’s aftermarket performance support for it. The MKIV had 320 to 330 HP, it was the potential of the iron block that can be powered to 650 HP before it needed to be built while the Getrag transmission pretty much took what you threw at it.

    • Dude

      I mean – come on. Family saloon Infiniti Q50s has got 405HP. I would not buy a “sports car” that is less powerful than a relatively cheap family sedan.

      • Infinite1

        I don’t disagree with you on that one, at this point, I just want Toyota to build some type of sports car. Even if I have to mod it myself to make it go faster, I’ll be happy. As long as it’s not treated like the GT86/BRZ.

      • Infinite1


  • Tumbi Mtika

    This might be the BEST NEWS EVER.


  • ASAB

    It will be smart of them to brand this car a “Celica” which has always been Supra’s capable little brother. That will leave lot of space for a new and truly capable Supra to live up to the legendary name and show the fans they are serious about bringing the name into this century like Nissan did with the GT-R.

    • javier

      lol a $75 k celica

  • Honda NSX-R

    It’s actually a good thing if Toyota doesn’t name it the Supra, people are just gonna complain that it’s not like the MKIV Supra even if it’s a really good car. If it’s inspired by the MKIV Supra, then that’s good enough. I think even Toyota is being cautious about using the Supra nameplate since the fanboys will complain that it tarnished the MKIV Supra’s reputation even if it’s a really good car. Toyota realizes that people approaching this car (if it has the Supra badge) will remind them that this will be like the Supra, but if it’s not one bit like it, all hell would go loose. It’s a safe move if you ask me, Toyota knows that they have picky purists.

  • TB

    Next year?? Next year?? Your going to wait a year to name it and then how much longer after that?? Sorry but this car is now no longer relevant from a news/excitement standpoint…I’m done hearing about it…

  • no25

    So we’ve wait how long for the next Supra, and now it might not even be called the Supra? Come on, Toyota. We’re getting to the point where no one cares anymore. Don’t make the final product underwhelming.

  • KareKakk

    How about… GT96?

  • SteersUright

    Who cares what Toyota calls this bulbous heap. Its ugly, ill proportioned, uses unreliable BMW mechanicals, and its performance to price value ratio remains to be seen. Hoping to be utterly wrong in my initial assessment and there is something wonderful here to be deliver by Toyota in the near future.

  • SteersUright

    Call it the Toyota Camry Coupe.

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