GM’s New Autonomous Vehicle Has No Steering Wheel or Pedals

While both automakers as well as suppliers are working hard on developing completely autonomous vehicles, the prototypes they’re putting out on the road still have traditional controls.

Not this one, though. What we have here is the first image of GM’s new Cruise AV, a self-driving prototype with no steering wheel, pedals, shifter, or manual controls of any kind (and not to be confused with the Chevy Cruze).

GM isn’t saying much else about it, but it’s quite obvious that we’re looking at the inside of a modified Bolt EV, missing all of its usual controls and fitted instead with a symmetrical dashboard.

Also, out the windshield you can see the skyline of San Francisco, where GM’s Cruise division is based.

The automaker says the vehicle is “production-ready” and has formally asked the US Department of Transportation for permission to start testing it on public roadways beginning next year.

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  • Craig

    What is the dream? That people will stop taking the bus and BUY their cars?

    • SgtBeavis

      This would be a taxi. They don’t intend to sell these to the public.

      • Craig

        To hell with cab drivers. I guess.

    • brn

      When I reach a certain point, yes, this is my dream. Being self-mobile will allow me to be independent longer.

      Hopefully, it’s a number of years away, but I’m glad we’re working toward it.

      • Craig

        Are you taking the bus NOW?

        • brn


          I may have mistaken your initial comment as sarcasm.

  • roy

    Yeah……. Nope.

  • Innocuous

    lol it isn’t even April 1st, but this is already the best joke of the year.

  • Bash

    No! I need to control my cars!

    • Silimarina

      Well,probably in the future you will not own a car.There will be autonomous car sharing.All the cars will be own by companies

      • Nick099

        Been reading Marx have we???

        • Silimarina

          No, i’m just looking at how companies like UBER ar investing in to autonomous car sharing and how new generarions are less minded in to owning a car

          • SgtBeavis

            We’re still a loooooooooong way’s off from that.

        • Status

          You think you own your computer? You know that it’s OS is on a licence from the manufacture that can be revoked at will. It has nothing to do with Marx and has everything to do with making the public think that they ‘own’ copyrighted products.

          Your licence for use is only granted to you provided you don’t abuse it. You phone and computer can be bricked in an instant, and cars have had disablers for decades.

          You are way behind the times, comrade.

      • Bash

        I don’t want to live in that future you’ve discribed bro!!!

  • Ary Wisesa

    To be honest, I think it’s very scary that I don’t have control to override the vehicle in critically dangerous situation. Imagine a situation in which the AI calculates that the road ahead is safe to go, but you sense that something dangerous like terrorist or maybe crazy shooter is waiting somewhere, so you want to turn around, but your car refuse it and you helplessly can’t override the system. Or you see an avalanche ahead, and you must stop immediately. No, I won’t put my life in the “hands” of virtual driver, no matter how sophisticated they claim it. I would never buy such car without a steering wheel, too scary.

  • oh Lord. So the police will flash their lights and sound their sirens behind to no avail lol

    • brn

      They’ll just press a button and your car will pull over.

      I need to get me one of those buttons to get you folk out of my way. 😉

  • Six Thousand Times

    Then give it a bigger screen. Or two screens. And swivel seats.

    • lagunas3ca

      GM, how pathetic.

      • Dubble Bubble

        You haven’t checked their stockprice lately.

  • Smith

    So here is the really obvious question. How can car companies make all these claims and decisions about autonomous cars when even more high tech Silicon Valley companies cannot get us mobile phone connections flawlessly across the continent without still dropping the call. How on earth are these autonomous cars going to save lives, no really??

    • Mind Synthetic

      ever heard of nvidia? gpu computing and machine learning, always connected cars sure, but in case of dropped connection or rural area machine learning/ai will take over. will they save lives, is another question. yes, they will save lives but not until every human is no longer driving.

      • Nick099

        Nothing made by imperfect beings can be perfect.
        But keep believing otherwise.

        • Mind Synthetic

          evolution, we will give birth to an AI some day that will evolve and improve itself. nothing is perfect, no doubt, however you seem to be obeying the laws set up by the government. what is going to stop autonomous vehicle from functioning according to rules set for it by imperfect humans?

        • Status

          If nothing made by imperfect beings can be perfect, than the invention of god, all of which are from the minds of humans, are also imperfect (elaborate) productions.

          There is no such thing as god, and there is no such thing as a perfect being.

          • Mind Synthetic

            hail Satan

      • Smith


        • Mind Synthetic

          do explain

  • Toronado_II

    Do it… and keep it !

  • Stephen G

    How are we gonna know which side of the street we’re suppose to be driving on now?

  • Dan Facciolo

    At this point, why do you even need windows??

    • brn

      To watch life pass you buy.

  • Dan Facciolo

    Next step: Replace windows by LCD screens.

    • Dubble Bubble

      I think NetFlix stock just jumped.

  • BlackPegasus

    I won’t trust these self driving cars until the entire transportation grid is rebuilt for the sole purpose of smart technology. In order for fully autonomous vehicles to experience their full potential, roads, traffic lights and other cars need to be CONNECTED to a hub which constantly communicates data.

    – vehicle speeds
    – pedestrian sensors
    – weather conditions

    If these simple steps are adopted, traffic fatalities and car accidents will be unheard of on fully autonomous roads and highways. Only then will this technology flourish into the likes of the futuristic utopias seen on TV and film.


      • Nick099

        Why have autonomous at all?
        How about better training and licensing standards. Save the money and inevitable deaths that will occur from this idiotic plan.

        • Status

          Yeah, that’s what you want. “better training and licensing standards” means more government spending.

          Because you can’t fit anymore into the limited human brain, education will not make the roads safer. Besides, everything that humans can do, machines can do better. Know your limit, and more importantly, know your place. Machines are our superiors.

          You should be happy private industry is racing ahead to produce an autonomous car, and finally remove those incompetent manual drivers from the roads.

          • ChrisInIL

            You’re projecting again. The peoople that complain the most about “incompetent manual drivers” are usually the most incompetent at driving.

            I’ve been in IT for over 30 years. I have never once worked on any type of machine that could do better than me, that was my superior. Machines will never, ever make decisions for me.

            However, I’m sure they will make decisions for you. You’ll be a slave.

            I’ll be free.

          • BlackPegasus

            Wow your hubris as a biological species is showing. Unfortunately, Status is right. Machines can compute and share data faster than any human brain. If you’ve worked in IT for 30yrs surely you must know this..

          • ChrisInIL

            The ability to calculate faster makes machines my superior?

            You’ll need more than that to convince me. But then I have hubris as a biological species, so you probably wouldn’t be able to.

          • Status

            If you’re working in IT, then you’ve already admitted to me that you don’t know whats coming. Sure, you might know how to install a fibre channel card and run wires through a cable chase, but I doubt you know anything about machine learning, and that is where I disregard your claims that “any type of machine that could do better than me, that was my superior. Machines will never, ever make decisions for me.”

            Basically, you’re aiming too low, and it’s not helped by you being low on the totem pole.

          • ChrisInIL

            Interesting. I’ve described in detail what is coming: you’ll be a slave. I’ll be free. That is the only possible result of the future you hold so dear.

            You must live such a pathetic existence that you have decided this is what’s best for you. I’d have more pity for you, but for your overwhelming desire for everyone to share in your misery.

          • Status

            What misery? Like a typical American, you’re only thinking in terms of one or the other; that you’re either X or you are Y. Your whole political system “works” much the same way.

            But, like most Americans, you’re also missing the larger picture. You, personally, won’t be free either when it’s mandated that manually operated cars be removed from the road because of their inefficiency, so your freedom is fleeting, and will be limited, and eventually legislated.

            “Free” to be a big ineffective ass on the road making everyone late with your manual driving. You think that ‘freedom’ will last long? If anything, you’re pathetic for acting like an ass behind the wheel, and you probably would defend coal-rollers and ricers for being free (but not for being civil).

            By the way, your constitution doesn’t govern the use of cars. It governs the right of free travel, not the right of car ownership. You might want to read that and known what it means.

            But if you still think in a binary system of the slaves vs. the free, then let me disabuse you of that idea with the 3rd position:

            The slave-owner.

            Guess who has the real power and who will make autonomous cars a reality? It isn’t government, by the way, as all they can do is right out the rules and collect tax money. This is simply too big for you to stop.

            But don’t worry. You’ll have a place on the roads in the future, and if you don’t get on with it sooner, you won’t have a choice later.

          • ChrisInIL

            Why are you trying to convince me (or anyone else with common sense) that slavery is the solution? You’re so blinded by hatred and unhappiness that you can see no other way. Denial of your own misery, and your overwhelming desire to share it with everyone are the most prominent indicators that you despair.

            Why do you always contradict yourself in your posts? Why do you think attacking “Americans” strengthens your position?

            You claim that ‘machine learning’ will be the path to your glorious future. Machines cannot and never will learn. They will calculate. They will compute. They will retain knowledge. They may simulate learning. But, just like you, they will never, ever learn.

  • Bo Hanan

    Welcome to the future of “recall.”

  • no25

    Well the future is sure gonna suck! I actually like driving. The Auto Industry doesn’t understand that just because the technology is [almost] there, doesn’t mean we have to integrate it.

  • Honda NSX-R

    The future is looking scary…

  • Jay

    Yea, no thanks. Need those important things just in case.

  • jsz00

    This car should be fun to drive with a manual transmission

  • Billj357

    I would delete all DOORs also. I would Never get in this thing!

  • TrevP

    No thanks.

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