Is This McLaren’s Upcoming BP23 Three-Seater Hypercar?

Even though it has increased its range considerably in just a few years and having just announced that it posted record sales in 2017, McLaren is not resting at its laurels but is preparing a new hypercar that will belong in its Ultimate Series.

Code-named BP23, for Bespoke Project 2 with 3 seats (perhaps the Bespoke Project 1 was the Senna), it is the spiritual successor to the iconic F1, which also featured three seats and a central driving position. It also held the world speed record from 1992, with 240.1 mph (386.4 km/h), until 2005, when the Koenigsegg CCR upstaged it, posting a 241.63 mph (388.87 km/h) v-max.

Now, McLaren itself has already shown us a couple of images of a camouflaged prototype with chief tester Chris Goodwin, who has since moved to Aston Martin, at the driver’s seat. It also stated that it will be the Grand Tourer of the Ultimate Series, and at the same time “the fastest ever McLaren”, though we don’t know if this includes the Senna or not.

Anyhow, a prototype that looks a lot like the one Woking has posted was recently captured on video. It was, unsurprisingly, covered in camo and, as the description says, lacked a third seat, which could mean that it is an early, 720S-based test mule, which makes sense, as the production car isn’t expected until 2019.

Like all McLarens, the BP23 will use the MonoCage carbon fiber chassis, most likely in an evolved form, and since it’s an Ultimate Series, we figure it will be powered by a hybrid powertrain, just like the P1, comprising of the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 that made its debut in the 720S along with an electric motor for a total output in excess of 1,000HP.

We also expect the latest iteration of the company’s electrohydraulic suspension that does away with roll bars, plus the Formula 1-inspired Instant Power Assist System (IPAS), which gives an instant boost in acceleration via the electric motor, and Drag Reduction System (DRS) that were introduced in the P1.

The BP23 will be produced in just 106 examples, all of which are already spoken for, and in all likelihood will be launched with a different name. Being a three-seater, we have a hunch that its designation will include the F1 moniker in some way, though this is just our guess. Pity they have wasted used the Senna name already, isn’t it?


  • Then why you guys think it’s BP23 and not variant of Super Series?

    Beside the BP23 mule has been unveiled and even driven by member of the press. It uses 720S body with mid steering wheel layout. But the final BP23 design hasn’t been spotted in the wild yet.

  • Kash

    It’s not a spyder, not unless the entire roof is more of a Targa, and it doesn’t have 3 seats, I’d say McLaren is either putting camo wrap on plain old 720’s to screw with the media, distract spy photographers from actual test cars while still drumming up publicity, or this is something like a 720LT. This doesn’t even have a central driving position so unless they’re just testing the BP23’s engine, this is nothing but a red herring.

    • fabri99

      Yup, it must be some sort of special edition/hardcore version of the 720S, or even just a mule for the new powertrain.

    • And actually they already unveil the BP23 mules, so it’s not a secret to the public.

    • smartacus


      • smartacus

        OTOH if it were 3 seats across,
        that would be one step closer 🙂

  • HG504

    Seems more likely to be a testmule for a 720LT, or maybe testing a completely new power train hidden under 720S bodywork.

  • Bo Hanan

    It’s wider than a 720S. Could be a BP23 test mule.

  • Elmediterraneo

    I would like to see front engined McLaren cars who will complete the mid-engine sports car line up.
    Like any other brand you won’t survive as a car maker with sports cars only.
    Sooner or later McLaren also needs to make a 4 seats GT firstly before considering an SUV if they want much more sales volume.

    • I wonder this too, when Ron Dennis is in charge he publicly state that McLaren will stay mid engine and would never make front engine car. Now that he is out, we wonder what is the future for McLaren.


    based on 720s, or it could be faster model of 720s

  • Six_Tymes

    i still cant get past those ugly head lights…

    • Bo Hanan

      They look better in person.

    • Yep, I still don’t like the new Super Series, and no I’ve seen it in person in multiple background and just no.


    Of course it is. The Senna wasn’t going to be the only hypercar McLaren unveiled. Also, I think the Senna’s test mule looked better than the finished product.

    Edit: Ok, I take back what I said. This may not be BP23 but the prototype does exist.

  • Erzhik

    Fake. Someone with a regular 720S wrapped it in camo and trolling people. Jalopnik did that with the ZR1 ages ago.

    • Bash

      That would be a bombshell.

  • Charlie Medina’s Smiling Coach


  • Seven23

    Could Mclaren work with BMW to make sport cars ?

    • Honda NSX-R

      BMW was working with McLaren but then they cancelled the project.

      • Seven23

        Could Mclaren make a four seater sport car ?

        • Honda NSX-R

          Not really sure if they’re at that point where they’d want to make a four seater sports car, they seem to be doing pretty well.

        • For now they rely on the “GT” sub variant, which offers more creature comfort. I think they will launch it for 720 series in a future.

    • The BMW deal is canceled, they decide to go with i8S instead.

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