Watch The New BMW M5 Set Two Drifting Records At The Same Time

An all-wheel drive, automatic family sedan is about the last vehicle you’d think would drift. (Trust us, we’ve tried it.) But the new BMW M5 is no ordinary family sedan.

In fact it just set not one, but two new records for doing just that: one record that it beat – positively obliterated, really – and another that it set for the first time.

The idea was to take back the record for the longest sustained drift. BMW broke the previous record a few years back when Johan Schwartz oversteered a previous M5 around the skidpad at the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina (where Schwartz works as a driving instructor).

He managed to lap the skidpad 322.5 times that time, covering a distance of 51.278 miles. Then someone beat his record, so they went at it again at the same track, with same driver, and a new M5.

Though the rules would ostensibly have allowed them to stop and refuel, the team at BMW went one better, setting another record in the process. They rigged up a military-aviation-style refueling rig, brought a second M5 in alongside the first one in a parallel drift, and gassed up one car from the other while they both skidded sideways around the wet track.

Not once, either: five times over the course of eight uninterrupted hours of continuous drifting, covering a total distance of 232.5 miles. The previous record they had to beat, in case you were wondering: 89.55 miles. Like we said, positively obliterated. And BMW has two new Guinness World Records to show for it.


  • Howstar

    About as pointless as how many baked beans can someone get up their nose.
    Also surely the drift was broken at both the third and fourth refuel when the car straightens out?

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Someone’s a bit cynical…

      • Howstar

        I love drifting, I do it myself.
        But dude, 8 hours solid in one big circle? The drivers endurance is the most impressive thing on display here.

    • Bo Hanan

      Crap like this pisses me off. It IS pointless. This is BMW getting marketing ideas from Cadillac. P.S. God help us the new one is bigger than the last gargantua.

    • Bo Hanan

      Dude I always drift my sedan for hours. I also put the fuel tank in the back seat.
      And I have no doubt that 99% of buyers of this car will do the same.

  • So you guys had two create two different article from essentially one news source?

    • europeon

      That’s what happens when BMW Abu Dhabi is in vacation.

      • LWOAP

        Oh don’t worry. Once they update their inventory we’ll get another advertorial.

  • europeon

    The only thing I’m interested in this story is what tires they used for this.
    Also, PLEASE USE METRIC UNITS TOO in your articles.

    • Yeah Imperial confuses me, I thought this site is Romanian based.

      • europeon

        Nah, John and Michael are in the US, they just hired a few Romanian editors.

      • LWOAP

        Wait, this site is based in Romania? Well, I guess that explains a lot.

        • Apparently so? I always thought this one is based in Romania.

  • Shobin Drogan

    If only the same amount of money was spent on redesigning their cars.

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