McLaren P1 Damaged While Leaving Car Meet, Jay Leno Arrives To Assess The Situation

Mustang owners are famous for crashing their rides during ‘Cars and Coffee’ events, often while trying to drift them.

However, pulling off at low speeds can be just as painful sometimes, especially when the car in question is a rare and expensive McLaren P1.

While paying more attention to the small crowd rather than his ride, the driver of this exotic McLaren forgot to check out the surroundings before driving off, and ended up scraping the lower right side of the P1 against the curb.

The damage made to the passenger door won’t buff out, as the part is made from carbon fiber, so the man should expect a very expensive repair bill from the shop.

The minor accident happened over the weekend, during a ‘Cars and Coffee’ meet in Malibu, California, and didn’t go by unseen by Jay Leno, who was present at the event.

The famous car collector arrived at the scene minutes later, assessing the damage, and exchanging a few words with the driver and other enthusiasts on site.

Some may have noticed that the McLaren P1 used a parking spot for disabled people, but to his excuse, the owner was apparently asked to do so by the organizers of the event, according to Instagram user Bdam24, who shared the two of videos that follow.

“At these meets, the organizers tell people where to park, and it so happened he [McLaren P1 owner] was placed in a handicap one!”

  • S3XY

    Good job!

    • Bash

      Yeah yeah,, Tesla would never be in that scenario because it has an auto-braking feature. We know that.

  • McF1

    Maybe in the future the organisers should leave the disable parking area vacant for the disable, just in case and as a gesture of respect to them. Also it avoids those making assertions when not knowing the full story. And it is bad karma to park in a disable bay unless disable.

    • europeon

      The driver looks pretty disabled to me. I mean, you have to be challenged in some way to pull such a stunt.

  • Christian


    • gor134

      Eww looks horrible

    • europeon

      That’s a nice Aston.

  • Honda NSX-R

    It hurts to hear that sound.

    • europeon

      It’s so plastic-y it made me giggle.


    • Bash

      ………. actually, I think you are right about that.

  • thunder bolt

    I would sue the parking lot owner, the designer and contractor that build the stupid parking lot. If there is such a divider like that, then plant some visible bushes high enough so other drivers don’t make the same mistake.

    • Zed68

      Not wrong. Low things should be easily visible

  • Bo Hanan

    Thank God Jay Leno was there to access the damage. Now its like it never happened…

    • He does own a P1 too, owner-to-owner giving advice?

      • Bo Hanan

        Because only another owner would know… Gurl Bye!

  • AxlRock

    All the attention is not helping, makes the driver feel so much worse for something which could happen to anyone

  • Frank Yoster

    stupid fool! smh

    • Bo Hanan

      Ouch! LOL.

  • Michael Cohen

    Hate to admit it, but done that more than once. I love how everyone commenting acts like they are perfect drivers, when their own personal vehicles probably have so many dents and scratches you would lose count. I work in the car business and have yet to take in a trade that was flawless.

  • Erzhik

    So they put the lowest supercar at the meet right next to an exit and a curb. Seems genius.

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