Pininfarina To Launch A New Hyper-EV, Three Electric Crossovers

From the Bolloré B0 to the H2 Speed, Pininfarina has been slowly turning itself from a coachbuilder and design studio into a manufacturer of electric vehicles. And if the latest intel is to be believed, we now have a better idea of what to expect along those lines.

According to Autocar, the Italian carrozzeria is preparing to spin off a new brand. And it’ll be headlined by an electric hypercar – tipped to be called the PF-Zero – that stands to rival the power and performance of the Bugatti Chiron.

To get there, Pininfarina is reportedly teaming up with Croatian firm Rimac, which has already proven its mettle with the Concept_One and the new C_Two hyper-EVs. Parent company Mahindra will also provide expertise from its Formula E racing team.

While the exact details of the project have yet to be announced, the hypercar will ostensibly be just the tip of the proverbial iceberg here. Autocar reports that the new brand will follow the PF-Zero with a trio of electric crossovers.

The PF-One will be the largest, and go after the Lamborghini Urus. Another will be positioned against the Porsche Cayenne. And the third against the Macan – all under electric power. That middle model (call it the PF-Two) would put Pininfarina in direct competition with the Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-Pace – the latter also produced by an Indian-owned European automaker.

We’re expecting further details on the ambitious endeavor to be announced on April 14. That’s when the FIA Formula E Championship visits Rome – about six hours from Pininfarina’s home base in Cambiano.

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  • fabri99

    The idea of an electic hypercar sounds good, but I’m not too confident about the three SUVs. Plus, I’d still prefer Pininfarina to design cars for other car makers as well. It was idiotic of FCA not to acquire the brand.

    • The fact that they ditched the Pininfarina – Ferrari exclusive deal is stupid too. But yeah in a way I prefer if Pininfarina stays as coachbuild manufacturer.

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