Enjoy The Thunderous Bellow Of The 2019 Chevrolet Camaro SS

Chevrolet still has prototypes of the facelifted variant of its popular Camaro SS out on the road, and one of them, has been filmed up close.

As the 2019 Camaro SS is purely a facelifted model, it won’t feature a plethora of significant mechanical modifications over the outgoing model. Consequently, the naturally-aspirated 6.2-liter V8 engine should continue to spin out 455 hp and 455 lb-ft of torque.

What’s new, however, will be the ten-speed automatic transmission found elsewhere within the General Motors family and in the latest Ford F-150 Raptor and Ford Mustang GT.

Great performance, odd looks

Alterations don’t stop here. Chevrolet will also incorporate a line-lock feature into the muscle car to ensure customers can have just as much fun as they can in the sixth-gen Mustang.

Distinguishing the 2019 Camaro SS from lesser Camaro models will be enlarged front air intakes, a pronounced splitter, and a large trunklid lip spoiler. All in all, the Camaro SS could be a nice middle ground between lesser models and the all-conquering 650 hp, 650 lb-ft ZL1.

Ever since premiering, the facelifted Camaro has fiercely split opinions. Perhaps the most significant change has been the implementation of a large grille and a pair of reshaped headlights and LED daytime running lights.

With a number of small but aggressive upgrades, the Camaro SS is all but assured to be the best looking model in the Camaro family.


  • Six_Tymes

    i dunno, it looks pretty damn good and sounds bad ass to me. what i don’t get is, why did they do away with the 8 spd auto? and replace it with a 10??? the 8 was a fantastic transmission.

    • eb110americana

      The 8-speed was okay. By most counts, the 10-speed is a superior transmission to existing automatics. For one, it is faster shifting than the 8-speed. GM co-developed this with Ford (along with the FWD 9-speed), most certainly to get both their large pickups and SUVs, as well as performance cars like the Camaro and Cadillacs to clear the gas-guzzler tax.

    • SteersUright

      Supposedly shift times approach Porsche PDK…if you believe that nonsense. Still, Im sure its faster than the 8-speed was.


    Quite possibly the ugliest Camaro to date.

    • Rzrlf

      yet you seem to like modern Alfas…

      • Dennis Scipio

        Lmao, I thought you said Aflac.

      • Bob
      • SteersUright

        Alfas are a scary proposition due to questionable reliability, sure. But, I think most would agree that the 4C, Stelvia and Giulia are handsome and capable, if not also highly compromised for daily duties (4C). You dont think so?

        • Rzrlf

          4c i kinda like but their overall styling is weird. they have their iconic triangle grille piece they keep pushing and on the fascia of most of their vehicles, it looks like every surface is stretched and pulled to the grill looking way to tensed up as if its sphincter is working overtime. 4c awesome, you have edges from the hood guiding the eye towards the grill and its very relaxed with simple yet well executed surfacing.

    • Honda NSX-R

      The Catfish Camaro is uglier imo

    • SteersUright

      Yes, and thats a crime. The Corvette and Camaro are GM’s most iconic sports cars. They are not permitted to get it so wrong.

  • Harry_Wild

    Looks like this Camaro got shoved out from snowstorm! Camaros are not winter driving vehicles unless you put weight in the trunk!

  • Mr. Crankypants

    I see they’re testing the Snow Plow Package…

    Those initial red and blue publicity shots of the RS & SS do look awful but there are now many other photos and one vid of a gray SS that look very good. 2D is deceiving and my final judgement will be delayed until the hit the lots and streets and I can see them for real.

    • donald seymour

      Yo, I saw the same thing. And I was actually impressed. Yeah stagnant 2D photos really don’t do these cars justice.

  • ErnieB

    Black is the way to go to be able to stomach that front end!

  • James McKay

    Is that a Chevrolet Malibu?

  • SteersUright

    GM development memo: ok team, lets offer a terrifically agile chassis, excellent powertrain from the Corvette, achieve stunning lap times with our 1LE package along with no meaningful and especially good looking exterior design updates and an interior nobody can see out of! Ok, now go!
    Such a stunning and stunningly compromised Camaro effort from GM, the most inept of all auto companies today.

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