Infiniti Designing New Infotainment For 2021, Apple CarPlay And Android Auto Coming In 2019

Infiniti is developing an overhauled infotainment system for its next-generation range of models arriving from 2021.

During the Australian launch of the Infiniti QX80, company product strategy vice-president Francois Bancon confirmed to GoAuto that the new system will adopt a larger screen and be more responsive. In the interim, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be introduced to the current infotainment system in 2019.

“Apple CarPlay will be rolled out next year, depending on the market from March to the rest of the year depending on how we cascade the application.

“Next year is going to be the first step of improvement, and as we move forward with a bigger display, 12.0-inch, 15.0-inch whatever, of course we are going to improve the accuracy.

“The appearance of the system, for example in QX50, which is the same as in Q50, we’re not going to change. But we just redesign the whole system behind, more capacity, faster reaction time, high definition display and full connectivity,” Bancon said.

Infiniti’s system is in need of an update

Bancon admitted that Infiniti is lagging behind some of its competition in terms of the display systems it offers across its range.

While the next-generation infotainment system is promising to be a significant advancement over the current setup, Bancon indicated that it will retain a dual-screen configuration like the existing system. Consequently, the top screen will house the navigation and audio functions while the lower monitor displays phone and vehicle settings. In future, these two screens could be housed under a single display.

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  • Nihar

    Just Infiniti? Not Nissan?

    • DM

      True. Nissan systems are a joke they all look so dated.

      • baofe

        BOTH Nissan and Infiniti need an upgrade. I think the Infiniti system might get cascaded down to Nissan in some form or another

      • Moveon Libtards

        They are awful. Like a 1990s system. Japanese car makers are far behind in electronics and tech. Go figure.

    • HUBEMX

      Nissan is already launching an all new infotainment system with apple-android on the new Altima.

  • DMax

    WOW Infinity is ahead of times!

  • ctk4949

    Android Auto first!!!!

  • Joe E

    I heard that the Infinti infotainment system takes forever to boot up in the Q50. As in, if you want to jump in and back out of a spot you have to first wait for the system to load for a long time. Anyone know if this is true?

  • Moveon Libtards

    Not until 2019? What a joke.

    Infiniti who?

  • TheBelltower

    I just rented a QX-something last month for a two-week period. It was so incredibly bad in so many ways. The infotainment system was no better or worse than the rest of the car. i.e. “awful”

  • Joe E

    Thanks for the insight. Sounds like a terrible user experience. Funny how Caddy got crucified for CUE when other systems – like this one – were also pretty awful. I also think Lexus got off way too easy for the Enform (or whatever they call it) system with the touchy joystick. Terrible to use – downright dangerous.